Blog - February 7, 2024

Monopoly GO: All the Retro Love rewards and milestones

With a strong focus on Valentine’s Day themes, Scopely took two days off exclusive GO Solo events are called Classic loveincludes 43 milestones, Dice and a five-star Sticker pack.

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The love of rewards has landed exclusive GO via Retro Love, a 48-hour solo event with total possible 13,780 dice. This event will lead up to the Valentine Partners event scheduled to begin on February 9 and will take place alongside two 24-hour tournaments. And the majority of players, including me, are eagerly waiting for the next Golden Blitz.

Full list of Retro Love rewards and milestones in exclusive GO

Mr. Monopoly drives a classic car with his dog as a passengerGet you some love rewards. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Showcasing 43 milestones is the solo event Retro Love at exclusive GO. Complete the event unlock 13,780 Dice packs, Nine stickersSpecial events and cash.

Important milestonesTokens/PointsClassic love rewardOneFive15 DiceTwo10CashThree15Blue sticker pack (one star x2)480120 DiceFive15CashSix20Blue sticker pack (one star x2)Seven25Rent Frenzy for 10 minutesEight30CashNine180225 Dice1035Cash1140Blue sticker pack (one star x2)1250Cash13300350 Dice 145 5Cash1550Get cash in 10 minutes1660Cash1770Orange sticker pack ( two stars x3)18700720 Dice1970Cash2080Pink Sticker Pack (three stars x3)21100Cash221.2001.100 Dice2315015min High Roller24140Cash25175160 Dice261,000Cash27200Blue Sticker Pack (four stars x4)28 300240 Dice29350Cash301,8001,500 Dice Dice31500Cash327 50Cash33800Blue sticker pack (four stars x4)34900Cash352,8002,200 Dice361 ,000Purple sticker pack (five stars x6)371,100Rent Frenzy for 25 minutes381,200Cash392,500Cash401,300850 Dice411,400Sticker Pack purple (five stars x6)421,500Cash436,0006,300 Dice

When will the Retro Love reward end? exclusive GO?

The Retro Love event will take place over two days, from February 7 at 9 a.m. CT to February 9 at approximately 8:58 a.m. CT. Once the event is over, we hope all will be revealed exclusive GO Valentine Partner Event.

How to play exclusive GO Classic love event

Mr. Monopoly drives a classic car with his dog as a passenger Classic love token. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Landing in the corner exclusive GO tiles are the main objective of the Retro Love solo event, providing four tokens/points to unlock milestones. The four boxes in the corner are GO, Just Visit, Free Parking and Jail.

To be exclusive GO Retro Love bonus worth playing?

The Retro Love rewards are pretty standard when compared to other events. At the time of writing, Scopely has not announced any additional rewards. If you are looking for four and five star Stickers to complete Monopoly For the Origins album, the Retro Love reward is worth receiving. But if you have few Dice left, I recommend waiting for the upcoming Partner event.