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Monopoly GO: All Skyscraper Blast Off rewards and milestones

24 hours exclusive GO The tournament structure is back through Skyscrapers explodeincludes 25 milestones, special events and other rewards.

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Run next door Cloud Cruise solo event Kicking off the second week of February is the Skyscraper Blast Off tournament at exclusive GO. This is one of Scopely’s typical 24-hour tournaments, where players can earn extra Dice and Stickers while focusing on solo events. A new Golden Blitz is expected to launch this weekend and I’m watching the next one exclusive GO Partner events.

Full list of Skyscraper Blast Off rewards and milestones in exclusive GO

Woman riding a jet planeRoll high for sweet rewards | Screenshot of Dot Esports

Skyscraper Blast Off rewards include a total of 3,440 dice you can earn, along with five Sticker packs. High Roller and Mega Heist Special events are held during the tournament at milestones four and eight. And the remaining two special events are Rent Frenzy and Cash Grab.

Important milestonesTokens/PointsSkyscraper explosion bonusOne5540 DiceTwo40Green sticker pack (one star x2)Ba9070 Dice44130High roller for 5 minutesFive11080 DiceSix150CashSeven200Orange sticker pack (two stars x3)Eight250Mega Heist for 15 minutesNine225Pink sticker pack (three stars x3)10275175 Dice11300Money face12400Color stickers blue Pack (four stars x4)13375250 Dice14425Cash1550020 Minute Madness Rent16600375 Dice17550Blue Sticker Pack (four stars x4)18700Cash19800500 Dice201,000Cash21900Cash221,300750 Dice2 31,500Receive cash in 15 minutes241,800Cash252 .0001.200 Dice

When does the Skyscraper Blast Off reward end?

The exclusive GO The Skyscraper Blast Off tournament begins at 12pm CT on February 5 and runs until approximately 11:58am CT on February 6.

Do skyscrapers explode? exclusive GO tournament worth playing

Woman riding a jet planeSkyscraper Blast Off Rankings | Screenshot of Dot Esports

Tournaments like Skyscraper Blast Off don’t offer anything special to players. Standing on the leaderboard is not a priority for me in these types of 24-hour tournaments. Solo event Cloud cruise However, it will add value to Skyscraper Blast Off as a form Receiving token can randomly end up in a Railroad tile, essentially giving a double reward through a single tile.

How to play Skyscraper Blast Off game in exclusive GO

Woman riding a jet planeSkyscraper Explosion Token | Screenshot of Dot Esports

The goal of Skyscraper Blast Off is to land on the Railway tile. Hit one exclusive GO Railway box unlocks one Bank robbery or closurewith Heists offering more tokens/points to unlock milestones in the Skyscraper Blast Off tournament.

Bank Heist skyscraper explosion reward

  • Minor Heist: Four tokens
  • The Great Heist: Six Tokens
  • Bankruptcy Heist: Eight tokens
  • Grand robbery: 12 tokens

Shutdown Skyscraper Exploded reward

  • Blocked: Two tokens
  • Successful shutdown: Four tokens