Blog - February 6, 2024

Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 2: BlackCell battle pass, all rewards and levels

Modern warfare 3 And BattlefieldSeason 2’s Battle Pass follows the same pattern we’ve seen before, including new operator interfaces, weapon blueprints, vehicle skins, etc.

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For multiplayer fans, part two brings three new six-on-six maps, two new weapons, etc. MW3. Meanwhile, Battlefield players have a new Respawn map to use and a new Ranked Play mode. Outside of the battlefield, the seasonal update introduces a new battle pass, filled with the usual bug fixes.


  • MW3 and Warzone 3 BlackCell: Rewards and costs
  • Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season Two battle pass: Levels and rewards
    • New operator interface
    • New weapon blueprints
    • New car leather
    • Victory zone level 100 reward

MW3 and Warzone 3 BlackCell: Rewards and costs

MW3 BlackCellBlackCell introduces a reactive operator interface. Image via Activision

In Part Two, BlackCell costs $24.99, as it has every season since it debuted. If you purchase BlackCell, you will also receive the following bonuses:

  • Access the full Season Two Battle Pass and 20 level skips (25 on PlayStation). Includes 1,400 COD Points throughout the Battle Pass.
  • 1,100 COD points instantly.
  • BlackCell operator “John Doe”.
  • 11 BlackCell operator interfaces.
  • Six Tracer weapon blueprints with “Graded Ghoul” death effect.

Modern warfare 3 And Battlefield Second Season Battle: Levels and Rewards

Rick Grimes MW3Rick Grimes joins MW3. Image via Activision

New operator interface

  • Rick Grimes: Battle Pass instant rewards
  • Kate Laswell: Battle Pass instant rewards
  • Hector Soap: Area B3
  • “Search” the Alps: Area B4
  • “Struggle”: Farah: Area B8
  • “Broken”: Valeria: Area B11
  • Price of “Vil”: Area B16
  • Ghost “Venator”: Area B17
  • “Scar” Tide: Area B20

New weapon blueprints

MW3 weapon skinThere are some new weapon designs in part two. Image via Activision

  • Area B1: DM56 “Grume” sniper rifle (BlackCell)
  • Area B8: “Fire your shot” Lockwood 680 Shotgun
  • Area B10: “Better Days” FR 5.56 assault rifle
  • Area B16: “Do Shift” Striker 9 SMG
  • Area B13: “IBIS” HRM-9 SMG
  • Area B14: XRK Stalker “Old Faith” sniper rifle (BlackCell)
  • Area B15: Battle rifle “Crocus” BAS-BXXXsp
  • Complete: “Practical” TAQ Evolvere LMG
  • Area B2: “Edge Node” Karambit melee
  • Area B3: “Marigold” Pulemyot LMG
  • Area B11: Assault rifle “Crash Dummy”
  • Area B12: TAQ “Full Stop” LMG eraser (BlackCell)
  • Area B11: “Pale Death” Bruen MK9 LMG
  • Area B18: “Sabertooth” RAM-9 SMG (BlackCell)
  • Area B19: BP50 “Anguish” assault rifle (BlackCell)

New car leather

MW3 car skinUTV has a new look in season two. Image via Activision

Disbelieve!: Area B5

Victory zone level 100 reward

MW3 Operational PackageGhost gets a new look in the new Battle Pass. Image via Activision

  • 300 COD points
  • “Practical” weapon design
  • Closing move “Leaving the Dead”
  • “Sovyna” outfit for Warden
  • Skin “Shade” for ghosts