Blog - February 6, 2024

Mobile game Elden Ring is said to be in the works at Tencent, but don’t expect it to launch anytime soon

Chinese corporation Tencent is said to be developing a mobile version of the 2022 blockbuster Old ringBut development is going slowly.

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This is according to a February 6 report by Reuters, which spoke to three anonymous sources familiar with Tencent’s plans. This is part of Tencent’s effort to find a new hit video game. The company has expressed dissatisfaction with its gaming business over the past year, saying it has “achieved nothing.” That’s why there are rumors about buying it Dungeons & Dragons from Hasbro almost seemed trustworthy until Wizards of the Coast said such claims were false.

A player in Elden Ring stands before a monstrous enemy.Inconceivable Old ring Fans will be satisfied with the free-to-play version. Image via FromSoftware

In case you were wondering, no, this news does not mean Tencent has bought Old ring Same goes for IP. The company owns a stake in developer FromSoftware and is said to have acquired licensing rights to the game in 2022, forming a small team to work on a prototype for the mobile version.

Old ring is the perfect choice to create the basis for a new masterpiece. It took the gaming world by storm when it launched in 2022, and in addition to being a huge financial success, it was also a critical favorite and won Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2022.

But this mobile project is clearly more than just a straight port Old ring. Tencent reportedly wants it to be corporate-owned Genshin Impact. No, that doesn’t mean turning it into an anime style game full of cute boys and girls. Instead, it will be remade as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Consider how profitable it is Genshin Impact already for miHoYo (another Chinese company that competes with Tencent), it’s no wonder Tencent wants something similarly popular. I couldn’t find any current figures, but for 2022, Sensor Tower reported Genshin Impact is doing $1 billion every six months on mobile, not counting console or PC versions.

Gaming smiled while holding the mask.Of course, Tencent wants that Genshin Impact money, but Old ring Is that really the answer? Image via HoYovers

However, the problem is Old ring was never designed with a free-to-play model in mind. It’s a premium experience, and there’s no additional paid content like microtransactions, loot boxes, or purchasable weapons beyond the upcoming DLC ​​expansion. If anything, Old ring Existence proves the game doesn’t need to constantly drain players’ wallets to be financially successful.

Tencent and FromSoftware declined to comment so there is no official confirmation on this Old ring the mobile game’s existence Ultimately, it could be canceled if development doesn’t progress, though I doubt that Tencent would be willing to give up a potential cash cow like Old ring.