Esports News - Fighting Games - February 8, 2024

Massive $25,000 Tekken 8 Twitch Rivals Tournament Takes Place Next Week

Twitch Rivals is a large-scale tournament series that pits top streamers against each other in a variety of games. A new Tekken 8 Twitch Rivals tournament has just been announced, the latest title to appear in the series! You can watch top Tekken players compete head-to-head on the streaming platform. How will the new tournament work?

Tekken 8 is the biggest fighting game released so far in 2024. The game had a strong launch, and a big part of that was seeing streamers playing the game and researching each fighter. With the next TWT starting soon, holding a tournament is a fun opportunity to see how the game is evolving. The Tekken 8 Twitch Rivals event promises to be an impressive tournament with $25,000 up for grabs! This is how the tournament works and when you can catch it.

tekken 8 twitch rivalstekken 8 twitch rivals

Source: @TwitchRivals

tekken 8 twitch rivals

A new tournament, Twitch Rivals Juggle Gym, was just announced. This is a new event where 16 streamers will compete directly. It starts on February 16th at 2pm Pacific Time. But who will participate in the tournament? The details have not been properly disclosed yet.

We expect 16 of the best Tekken streamers to appear here. Often, Twitch Rivals events focus on featuring more interesting players than those seen at a typical Tekken FGC esports event. However, this could make for an interesting player combination. This is an approach that has become more popular recently, with SF 6 embracing events focused on V-tubers. We can expect to see bigger numbers from the Tekken streaming community.

The Tekken 8 Twitch Rivals event will likely be bracket-only as it will only feature 16 players. Another key detail revealed so far is that the total prize pool for this event is $25,000. Impressive for a streamer event. The tournament will take place in just over a week, so be sure to tune in to the official Twitch Rivals stream to watch the entire tournament.