Blog - February 7, 2024

LoL’s newest ADC Smolder finds more success with an unorthodox starting AP build

Since its official release at the end of January, League of Legends players are busy in the lab, tinkering with the game’s newest champion Smolder.

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For example, in the last patch, League Players quickly discovered new builds and playstyles for the fledgling dragon that eliminated its early-game weakness by relying more on poke with AP-based starter items like Doran’s Ring.

Players like Tyler1 have shown off Smolder’s potential.

According to U.GG, this new build is gradually delivering more wins than ever for Smolder, although he still has a disappointing win rate of 45% at Platinum levels and above. It will take some time for the player base to adjust, but this new focus on scaling and dominating the lane early could become a new way to take over the game later on with a whole host of passive points. motivation for his skills.

Smolder’s initial builds included Press the Attack, starting Q, and the starting item Doran’s Blade as an opening item, but this made the early game nearly unplayable against many combinations different bottom lane. He doesn’t have any lane presence, doesn’t have much damage, and is often forced to farm under towers to keep up with stacks while being rushed by junglers and supports alike.

However, from last week onwards, ADCs picked up Arcane Comet, Doran’s Ring and focused early on Smolder’s W ability, Achoo! This build gives Smolder more lane control as he can poke and clear the lane significantly with W, allowing him to push the lane, poke enemies, and gain a level advantage over enemy AD .

Instead of going all out with his E and Q, you sit back and play with smaller trades to build up your passive, and if you’ve farmed and poked effectively enough, you’ll have many bonuses Gather to destroy your enemies in battle. later stages of the game. Smolder’s E is also a great auto-peel ability as you can easily fly away from any gank, while W provides a significant slow to bog down any champion that rushes at you.

If Smolder’s win rate starts to climb, that could lead to some changes from Riot Games in the next patch. But ADCs should jump into Summoner’s Rift and try out this new build while they can.