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Location, skills and how to catch Palworld Digtoise

Since Digtoise looks like a cross between Bowser and Blastoise, you should look to add the massive Digtoise to your Palworld team as quickly as possible. Catching a Digtoise isn’t easy, but with our guide, you’ll have one in your collection in no time.

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All Digtoise stats in Palworld

Shellshock. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Digtoise statisticsElement typeLandPotential dropsOre, High Quality Pal OilJob suitabilityLevel 3 miningPartner skillsDrill millFood gradeFive out of 10

Where Digtoise is located Palworld

You will need to go south. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Digtoise is located in middle area of ​​the Palpagos Islandsas well as in main northeast part of the whole Palworld map—as shown by the yellow circles above.

That doesn’t mean Digtoise is specifically linked to this location, but this is where we encountered our first Digtoise, so we can say with certainty that the chances of there being a Digtoise there are very high . If you don’t see it when you get there, leave the area, go somewhere else, and come back a little later to see if it respawns.

Tip: Get Digtoise through breeding!

If you are having trouble catching a Digtoise, you can always try to get one from breeding. There are many combinations of livestock in Palworldand there are actually many ways to get Digtoise.

How to catch Digtoise in Palworld

Digtoise mines quartz in PalworldScreenshot of Dot Esports

You don’t need to do anything special to catch Digtoise in Palworld; Fight it like you would a Pal in any other situation in the game, and once you’ve weakened it significantly, throw a Pal Orb at it and hope it stays in the ball.

When fighting Digtoise, you should remember that it has one Ground elemental type. Therefore, you will want to bring a Friend with you Grass elemental type to get an advantage.

Tip: Tie your Pal tightly

Your Friends will always be out for the kill, so if you want to make sure they don’t dispatch the Friend you’re hoping to capture, you’ll want to call your Friend out or bring them back to your Pal Spheres. Surname.

If it stays in the ball, congratulations! You’ve got Digtoise. However, unless it’s the last thing you need, make sure you keep hunting for the complete Paldeck.

Best uses for Digtoise in Palworld

If you have played Palworld for a while, you may know that Base Raids may occur from time to time. Luckily, a Digtoise or two can help hold down the fort. Digtoise’s attack and HP stats aren’t the best, but they have one of the highest defense stats in the game. If you have a Digtoise line protecting your base, the bad guys will have to work hard to get through.

In addition to holding the line, Digtoise is also one of the best Pals in the game for farming High Quality Pal Oil. You just need to capture or kill Digtoise to get it. Additionally, due to its impressive level three Mining job suitability, it is also one of the best Mining Mates for creating ore farms.

For breeding purposes, Digtoise can be used as a parent in about 130 different combinations. Here are some breeding combinations Digtoise can have with Pals you find earlier in the game:

Parents 1Parents 2OffspringDigtoiseLamballWixenDigtoiseCattivaRoobyDigtoiseChikipiNoxDigtoiseLifmunkRushoarDigtoiseFoxparksRushoarDigtoiseFuackGobfinDigtoiseSparkitRushoarDigtoiseTanzeeVaeletDigtoiseRoobyFelbatDigtoisePengulletLunarisDigtoisePenkingUnivoltDigtoiseJolthogL un aris