Blog - February 2, 2024

Life By You delays early access release to ensure ‘high quality’ for the community

Life with you was scheduled to launch in early access on March 5, but the life simulation game’s release has now been pushed back three months. The new release date for early access is June 4, with the developers saying the delay is to ensure a better launch experience.

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The life simulation game is highly anticipated by the life-sim community, drawing many comparisons to The Sims franchise and held out hope for a game that could spur some real competition in the genre. But soon look into Life with you has so far received more interest from potential players than excitement, so this delay could be just what the developer needs to get the game finished and ready for launch.

Life by You character looking at flowers is completed.The developers are determined to deliver a great life simulation game. Image via Paradox Interactive

Three month delay for Life with you was announced on YouTube by Rod Humble, general manager of Paradox Tectonic. Paradox Interactive has so far been very receptive to concerns, even posting videos addressing specific feedback while making changes based on what potential players wanted, with the goal of providing “ the best life simulator”.

Based on feedback so far, the developers hope to use the three-month extension to “tweak visuals for the human characters and further improve gameplay.”

Appearance of the characters in Life with you is by far one of the biggest concerns among fans, so the delay focusing specifically on addressing this issue shows a lot of promise for the future of this game. Paradox Interactive’s main goal with the delay is to ensure the early access launch is a “high quality” experience for players, so we can expect a more seamless launch.

Character creation page in Life By You.Future players are hoping the appearance of all the characters will be changed significantly. Image via Paradox Interactive

Life with you It’s definitely a life sim worth checking out, and it’ll be interesting to see what changes the team comes up with in the three months it takes to implement it. It’s still launching in early access and will be for at least 12 months or possibly longer, so there’s no official date for leaving early access yet.

Life simulation game is currently available to wishlist on both Steam and Epic Games, but with the new early access date, pre-orders will no longer be available. If you have previously purchased the game, you can check for information about refunds and other questions you may have on the FAQ page. There are two packages available with Life with you early access: Life Begins Bundle and Nightlife Vibes Bundle. Both will still be available after it launches on June 4 for anyone who purchases the game.