Blog - February 7, 2024

Lies of P teamed up with Wo Long to create an exciting DLC

Two of the most influential Soulslike games not made by FromSoftware enter an official partnership P’s lie DLC, the game developer announced. The DLC comes in the form of new armor and weapon sets and will launch later this month.

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On February 7, P’s lie the developers posted an announcement trailer on YouTube showcasing their upcoming collaboration with Ngoa Long: The dynasty collapsed. The DLC on display has the shape of a Ngoa Long-inspired armor set and a new weapon, the Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive, with all the fire and dragon style you can expect from anything Ngoa Long-related. This is the second collaboration of the two games, with Ngoa Long including magnetic weapons P’s lie in September 2023. Additional content will also appear in the Ngoa Long‘s Complete Edition, launched today.

“Take a look at the exclusive Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive weapon and the new version’s Armor of the Honorable and Honorable outfit’s Bandana Ngoa Long: The dynasty collapsed partnership update,” wrote P’s lie developer in the official announcement on YouTube. The DLC will launch on February 13 and will be free. This is a good move by the developers, as free DLC is not yet something the gaming world is used to — if we exclude CDPR, of course.

P’s lie And Ngoa Long has been considered one of the finest examples of Soulslike game design outside of the genre’s predecessors and innovators, FromSoftware. Later developers also worked on it Nioh the games have also received praise from Soulslike fans for being solid games in the ever-expanding genre. Both were compared to FromSoftware titles, with P’s lie often considered a successor Blood transfusion And Ngoa Long lean more in An axewoke up.

Regardless, the collaboration between these two Soulslike titles is very interesting and I hope there will be more such collaborations in the future.