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Lethal’s Offense Map: An Expert Guide to the Moon

The Breach Map is an important part of any high quota operation in Deadly company. If you’re looking for scrap that fits your quota, or maybe you just want to get away from all the Circuit Bees, Offense is a great place to start your next batch of scrap.

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Here’s our full map guide to the Inner Offense Deadly company.

Deadly company Guidance on crime

Rendering of McMessenger's Lethal Company Offense map on SteamViolation map Images by McMessenger via Steam

Offense is one Danger level B map above Deadly company. It’s in the middle of the pack in terms of difficulty and monster variety. This map is free to visit and is the next best free map after March. This guide will look at how to navigate Crime and survive with a ship full of scrap.

Academic violations: Layout, exits and weather conditions

Extension ladder used to access the fire exit at Lethal CompanyPlace the Extension Ladder down by hugging the cliff and release it with the left mouse button. Screenshot of Dot Esports

There are two ways to enter the Crime Facility. You can go straight from behind the Home Base, through the overhead pipes, and turn left when you reach the corner of the Base building, or head away from the ship to find the emergency exit. This exit requires one Jetpack or Extension Ladder to achieve. Additionally, you can jump onto giant pipes while the ship is moving. landing about Violation but this method is more difficult to implement.

Jump onto the pipes while the ship is landing in Offense in Lethal CompanyJump onto the pipe while the ship is docking. Screenshot of Dot Esports

From here, follow the pipe after exiting the ship if you don’t want to use the Jetpack or Extension Ladder. Keep moving until you see one Water tower on the left hand side. this is a giant rock placed tightly next to the tower.

Look out for the water tower in Lethal Company's Offense to climb up to the fire escapeUse the rock to the left of the tower to climb up. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Go up the rock and hug the right side, where there’s a ridge you can jump onto. Don’t constantly run forward on the ledge otherwise you will keep falling. Instead, readjust your aim and jump to climb the ledges. On the right corner of the rock all the time and keep climbing until you are at the top. This can be difficult to master quickly but once you’re close to the top, you can start running. You can easily enter the pipe from here.

Please note that you should take the direct path from the train to the main entrance if you visit Offense while it is taking place. Rainy or Flooded. Any diversion along this path could result in your death from quicksand. The emergency exit allows you to use pipes to avoid quicksand and any monsters at night.

Find out which monsters appear in Attack

The eyeless dog appeared after 3pm in the attack on Lethal CompanyEyeless Dogs can roam from three o’clock in the afternoon. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You will encounter Beat And Spider shelter about the crime, where Hygrodere, Flea trapAnd roll top less common but can still occur. Other and more dangerous monsters such as Bracken, Jester, Ghost Girl and Nutcracker have a lower chance of appearing.

Dog without eyes And Baboon Hawk will likely spawn after 3 p.m. However, the hardest monster to face on this map is Earth Leviathan. While their spawn is a bit rarer, we recommend keeping someone at your Home Base if you’re out so they can warn others if the Earth Leviathan appears.


The Baboon Hawk can distract the Eyeless Dog and the Forest Keeper.

Know what equipment to bring with you

Radar Booster inside the Lethal Company housing baseUse the Radar Booster to find your way back to the main entrance or blind the Coil-Head. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Offense has a standard Base interior (no Villa) that can easily cause players to get lost as they progress deeper into the maze. If you go alone or with friends, it’s best to tag along Pro-Flashlight, Shovel, And radar enhancement to avoid getting lost.

The Shovel can easily handle Bunker Spiders, Thumper Spiders, and Trap Fleas that sometimes appear here as well. Radar Booster temporarily stuns Coil-Head, which is extremely useful for solo players. Remember to pick up smaller items before grabbing anything heavy, as you can only pick up one heavy item at a time.

How to survive an attack

Check the screen for the Radar Booster name in Lethal CompanyFind the name of Radar Booster by switching the camera’s POV on the home screen. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Due to the recent railing nerf, use the Shovel and stay back during combat to kill higher spawning monsters like Spider Thumpers and Bunker Spiders. Remember something Spiders cannot be seen and Thumper couldn’t hear.

Split your team up to check the main entrance and exit to get the loot first. The exit should not be overlooked as loot will likely spawn here unlike the areas closest to the main entrance.

A mine inside a facility at Lethal Company.Throw Stun Grenades to blow up any mines in dangerous positions. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Turrets and mines will definitely appear. Be sure to listen for their distinct sounds and refer to the laser beam for the location of the turret and the red glow of the mines. Move through the Facility as quickly as possible but slow down when you reach any doors or stairs.

Finally, move all the scraps in Facility exterior. You can also leave behind your Professional Flashlight and Shovel in case another teammate needs them, but keep an eye out for any Hoarding Bugs that may appear as they will loot any remaining loot inside the Facility.