Blog - February 7, 2024

League of Legends players firmly believe that a champion ages with each new skin

League of Legends fans will always notice imperfections and inconsistencies when it comes to their favorite champions, and sometimes they’ll be vocal enough to let Riot know about them.

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One such inconsistency was mentioned above League subreddit earlier today when a player pointed out that Darius seems to be getting younger with each new skin released for the champion.

Darius LoL porcelain splash artPorcelain Darius looks much younger than some of Darius’ other outfits. Image via Riot Games

The Reddit post shows off Darius’ original art, and the champion looks significantly older in his original art from 2012 than he does now, using newer skins like Darius’ Crime City Nightmare and Beast Moon Darius to emphasize the point. Part of this may be due to natural evolution Leagueits art style, but it could also be due to a more specific trend surrounding the champion.

Darius’s older splash art has much more prominent battle scars, facial wrinkles, and thick streaks of gray hair. However, in recent sensational works of art, the champion looks to have aged, with all the imperfections surrounding maturity seemingly erased from his face. Additionally, his gray hair has been dyed completely black in his newer skin. While it’s not uncommon for a champion’s visuals to be adjusted to fit the theme of a certain skin line, some players are concerned that sometimes a champion’s core physical attributes may be affected. oblivion.

“Hear me out, I’m glad my guy is getting the new look and all the… attention, I just wish they would stop moving away from the fantasy of Darius’s character: Veteran General soldier,” the original poster of the thread said. Another commenter in this thread argued that it’s really no big deal. “Alternate universes at different times,” they said. “It’s all about the imagination behind the lines of the skin.”

In the new reveal of Darius’ latest costume, Porcelain Darius, the character appears significantly younger than some of his older costumes. This continues the trend with Darius Academy-like skins, where he looks like he’s in his late 20s rather than middle-aged.

Although Darius’ official age is never stated in the legends, he has the appearance of a mature, grizzled veteran. While it’s likely that Darius’ aging process has been accelerated by the stresses of war in Noxus, it’s unclear exactly how old this champion is. However, we would have to guess that he is probably in his 40s or 50s.