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Kingpaca Cryst boss fight location in Palworld

Kingpaca Cryst is an Ice Element variant of the adorable Kingpaca in Palworld, but locating it will be a bit more difficult. While its counterpart appears early, the icy variant is hidden.

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Locate the Pal formerly known as Ice Kingpaca in Palworld It may not be easy, but we have everything you need to know to make the hunt much faster.

How to find Kingpaca Crystal in Palworld

Screenshot of the Palworld map highlighting the Kingpaca Cryst boss.Far away snow, good snow. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You can only find Kingpaca Cryst in one location in Palworld, and your only other option to get Kingpaca Cryst is through breeding. However, reaching the boss icon on the map will not be the end of your journey.

Like Dinossom Lux and some other Alpha bosses in Palworld, Kingpaca Cryst awaits in the nearby Mineshaft, and you’ll have to track down the exact entrance to confront the icy king of Melpacas.

The exact location and coordinates of Kingpaca Crystal in Palworld

Screenshot of the Palworld map showing the Forgotten Mineshaft entrance where the Kingpaca Cryst can be found.Ice, ice, baby. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To find the Kingpaca Cryst boss, Locate the forgotten mine shaft northwest of the boss icon. There is an easy way to get to this location: Use Fast Travel Point to Absolute Zero and jump off the cliff to the south. Exactly The coordinates of the Forgotten Mineshaft are -255, 480.

Although the Kingpaca Cryst may seem adorable, it’s an uphill battle against one level 46 field boss waiting. Kingpaca Cryst’s HP isn’t that high, but it packs a punch, although you can take it down quite easily with a strong Fire-Element Pal.

Kingpaca Cryst stats in Palworld

Ice Kingpaca's Paldeck page in Palworld.Cold snow. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Kingpaca Cryst is an Ice Element Friend with the “Muscle King” Partner Skill, which increases your stamina by 100 when Kingpaca Cryst is in your party. You can even ride this Pal after unlocking and crafting the Ice Kingpaca Saddle. Kingpaca Cryst’s base statistics are:

  • HP: 120
  • LABOUR: 100
  • DEF: 100
  • Working speed: 100
  • Food: 7/10
  • Time: All day
  • Weak: Fire
  • Job compatibility: Tertiary Cooling, First Degree Collecting