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It’s best to play with Nilah in LoL.

Do you know what the 5 best supports for Nilah are in LoL Season 14? Here are our choices and reasoning.

Best nilah supportBest nilah support

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Best support playing with Nilah in LoL

Nilah was released in the summer of 2022 and people immediately realized she could be another dominant champion. But despite all her expectations, Nilah never became a popular ADC choice, as she needed great collaboration with her own allies to reach her full potential.

Nilah’s biggest and most notable strength is her passive, which grants extra experience when sharing minions. This effect allows her to gain a significant XP lead throughout the game. Because she is one of the few champions that can keep up with solo laners.

That means Nilah needs synergistic support to make her kit work. With a short attack range and a kit based on close proximity to enemies, you can be in great danger if you don’t decide to support them. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best supports to play with Nilah. Let’s take a look at the key strengths of each unique bot lane duo.

Senna – Best enchantment support

Nilah works well with Mage, but the champion that can deal damage and provide healing and shields is Senna.

The best thing about Senna is that she can partially fix Nilah’s main weakness by helping her manage waves. Enemies will often try to abuse Nilah early on when she needs to raise a minion, potentially losing a lot of HP to do so.

Senna helps with this, while also ensuring excellent late-game scalability thanks to Nilah’s passive, which gives her additional experience to level up her abilities. Nilah also increases her Senna’s healing power and her shields, making her even more effective.

Yumi – Alternative to Senna

If you have Nilah on your team, you can always choose Yuumi as your bot lane partner.

The secondary effect of Nilah’s passive is that she gains additional shields and healing after a while. So what better champion for Nilah than Yuumi?

Not only does the magical cat empower her allies with shields and healing, but Nilah also gets all the added bonuses that come from Yuumi’s kit. This means that both products have complementary kit specifically created to leverage each other.

The best ADC with YuumiThe best ADC with Yuumi

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Yuumi always has permanent heal and shield available, and by sticking to Nilah, the ADC doesn’t have to worry about dying or not having a shield to protect her. As long as Nila is not careful, her chance of dying will be low considering the effect of Veil of Joy (W).

Early 2v2s may not be great, but even if this duo dies once or twice, Nilah’s passive ensures that they will always be even or ahead in experience.

If you want to climb soloQ, Yuumi will always be the best choice for Nilah. Playing this duo requires good coordination, but the results will be good.

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Rakan – Perfect Engagement Setup

To make up for Nilah’s short range, you may need someone who can rush and engage quickly, usually to surprise the opponent. And among the various applicants involved, Rakan is perhaps the most outstanding.

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Although he may struggle in the first few minutes of the game, Rakan excels at reacting immediately from afar, allowing Nilah to quickly keep up with his abilities.

Rakan and Nilah are definitely a combo to consider, unless your enemies choose to lane bad bots like Caitlyn or Draven. This is especially true if other allies on your team provide more setup. It requires a high level of coordination and mechanics, so don’t jump into ranked games right away without trying them first.

Pyke – One of the best engagement support and Thresh alternatives

If you’re looking for another engaging support option besides Thresh, I recommend playing Nautilus.

Like his counterpart, he focuses much more on aggression thanks to his higher damage, giving him excellent engagement potential. This gives Nilah a more powerful opportunity to chain combos and finish off enemies. Pyke is also much more slippery when it comes to overall mobility, allowing him to find better engagement angles and use Q and E to apply crowd control.

But there is a compromise. Pyke essentially only has one mode, and that is entering. If you need some degree of separation, Thresh is probably a more balanced choice. Take a look at the matchups and overall team makeup before making your choice.

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Soraka – Yuumi Alternative

The last supports on this list are: Soraka is the next best enchanter support for Nila. Soraka doesn’t provide shields, but she can heal Nila more than Yumi. If Yuumi is banned during champion select, choose this champion.

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The main problem with this bot lane duo is the early game, as they have little to no agency in the laning phase. It’s very easy to get stabbed and harassed by your enemies, and there’s not much you can do about it. You’ll need to resist aggression, and once you gain items and experience, you can start trading harder.

You’ll need to have a good setup elsewhere in your team composition, but Soraka will at least ensure that Nilah can fully utilize her combos during the fight.

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