Blog - February 5, 2024

It’s about time: Apex Legends finally hits 120 FPS on consoles next season

Apex Legends fans have had a number of demands over the years—including crossovers, next-gen, and even Loba swimsuits. Respawn Entertainment is surpassing the last remaining part of that list in season 20 by bringing 120 FPS to next-gen consoles.

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“We’re bringing 120-hertz performance modes to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5,” chief design officer Evan Nikolich announced at a press conference last week, adding that the Haptic and adaptive activation for the dashboard controller will also be provided. Implemented in an upcoming update.

Pathfinder wears a jacket in Fight Night.  His screen shows MRVN's face with a heart.Everyone likes that. Screenshot by Respawn Entertainment

Fans were calling Top to support next-gen consoles for many years. The original next-gen version of the shooter launched in March 2022, after more than two years of the game’s existence, and the need for 120 FPS in newer systems has become an extremely common sight. changed since then. However, with Breakout, the dream has finally come true, marking an important milestone for console users.

Higher frame rates can give players a competitive edge in most games and Top can make that distinction shine immensely with its fast-paced movement and gunplay. Shooting is more fluid at higher frequencies, and every frame comes in handy when you want to hit an Octane in mid-air or hit a crisp Kraber head on a moving target.

The next-gen original launches in 2022 with 60Hz gameplay on both PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S. Respawn promises 120Hz gameplay for both consoles “in future updates,” although the studio hasn’t set a date yet. Adaptive and haptic triggers for PS5 also appear on the list of planned additions, again without a firm release.

The long-awaited update for next-gen consoles will be a huge improvement for console users, doubling the frame rate and delivering a much better overall experience .

by Apex The next season, Breakout, kicks off on February 13, and players can expect 120 FPS on next-gen consoles along with one of the biggest system overhauls in gaming history, as well as an anniversary event with a limited-time Straight Shot mode and balance changes.