Blog - February 2, 2024

Is Skull and Bones available on Ubisoft Plus?

Skull and bones will be available on multiple platforms once it launches on February 16, and anticipation combined with a bit of skepticism has many players wondering if the game will be on Ubisoft Plus.

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While it’s probably the least popular subscription service, Ubisoft Plus can be a great way for you to try out new games from Ubisoft, especially if you’re unsure about buying them at full price. . Here’s everything you need to know about Skull and bones and its availability on Ubisoft Plus.

To be Skull and bones available on Ubisoft Plus?

A pirate stands inside a large pirate hideout filled with people and goodsYou don’t need much to start building a pirate empire. Image via Ubisoft

Skull and bones will be available on Ubisoft Plus Premium on day one. For $17.99 a month, you’ll get access to all the benefits of the game’s Premium Edition. That includes three days of early access before the February 16 release, bonus missions, and some cosmetic items.

Ubisoft Plus Premium is only available on Xbox and PC Ubisoft Connect. At some point, Skull and bones could become part of the Ubisoft Plus Classics subscription on all platforms including PlayStation, but there’s no indication that that might happen. Judging by the current selection of Classic games, it could take a few years, so don’t get your hopes up.

If you are a PlayStation or Epic Games Store user, the only option you currently have is to play Skull and bones is by purchasing it in full. In that case, there are two versions to choose from, the Standard Edition for $59.99 or the Premium Edition for $89.99.

However, I recommend using a Ubisoft Plus subscription or waiting for a review after the game launches before purchasing. $17.99 a month isn’t the cheapest subscription service, but at least you get access to other recent Ubisoft releases like Assassin’s Creed: Illusion And Avatar: Pandora’s Border.