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Is Silent Hill Short Message connected to PT?

Silent Hill: Short Message The shadow arrives on January 31, including a new story, main character and visuals that have players questioning whether it is related to the 2014 horror mystery title. PT, an interactive trailer for Silent hill.

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To be Silent Hill: Short Message connect with PT?

Short message placed somewhere else. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Konami

Although there are similarities between Silent Hill: Short Message And PTthe The two games are not connected.

Silent Hill: Short Message set in a dilapidated apartment building famous for being a place where people come to end their lives. From the clues inside the building, it appears that this story takes place in the town of Kettenstadt and that the apartment complex has narrow hallways, posters and graffiti on the walls, and the only areas where you can see see illuminated by flashlight from your mobile phone. phone.

What’s unique about this game is not only that the plot revolves around Anita, who receives a text from her friend Maya telling her to meet her inside the building, but that it also has a glitch effect, almost like her He or she is experiencing a distorted or corrupted memory. Although they are unrelated, this is similar PT in some way.

PT was released in 2014 as an interactive trailer for Silent hillwas later cancelled, and so, PT has been removed from the PlayStation store. HoweverPT considered one of the best horror games despite its short release time. In this title, players wake up in an abandoned building, walking through repeating and redecorated hallways. Meanwhile, they encounter ghosts and otherworldly creatures and learn of murders and suicides. Just like in the new release Short message game, there are even graphical distortions and players have to restart on PT and its gameplay.

A scary ghost appears at the end of a dimly lit hallway at PTPT still considered one of the best-made horror games ever. Image via Konami

The two stories are very similar in that both main characters wake up in an abandoned building, where they search for clues and encounter otherworldly creatures. While both share psychological distortion aspects and graphical similarities involving limited visibility, tight hallways, and third-person perspectives, they are not related to each other. .

Although it would be pretty epic if Silent Hill: Short Message has been connected to PT, it just feels like a way to help us get by while we wait Silent Hill 2 redo.