Blog - February 6, 2024

Is Palworld coming to PS5 and PS4?

PS5 and PS4 owners are certainly curious whether Palworld will be available on the dashboard.

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by Palworld The early access launch is underway, so here’s a quick guide explaining everything we currently know about the platform and whether a PlayStation release is happening in the near future.

To be Palworld Coming to PlayStation?

The concept art for Palworld features a lot of creaturesDo not hold your breath. Image via Pocket Pair

Developer Pocket Pair says it will “review” a PlayStation port of Palworld in the early access development of the RPG title, with PlayStation wants to introduce this title on the PS console.

Thank you officials Palworld Q&A on the game’s Discord we learned about the potential PlayStation port ahead of early access. “We have no plans for this at the moment, but we will consider it as development progresses!” Pocket Pair said.

Since then, Palworld achieved unimaginable success and defied all expectations. Palworld sold one million copies in the first eight hours alone, four million copies in three days and then a total of eight million copies sold in six days. We also continuously monitor how many copies it has sold.

One of PlayStation’s leading figures—Shuhei Yoshida—congratulated Palworld group on January 20 with a message on X (formerly Twitter). One user replied to Yoshida and asked: “Mr. Yoshida, please support SIE so that the PS5 version can be released as soon as possible!” Yoshida had an interesting answer: “Yes.”

Yes~ @GinaZJW

— Shuhei Yoshida (@yosp) January 20, 2024

The chess pieces have been laid out on the table, the stage has been set. All that is needed now is for Pocket Pair to deliver a much anticipated and sought after product. Palworld port on PlayStation.

The general trend for Pocket Pair is to ignore PlayStation upon release. handmade also only comes to systems owned by Microsoft. Ideally, any PlayStation port would have cross-play functionality as Pocket Pair plans to incorporate it in the Xbox and PC versions.

We’ll continue to update this guide if any more details are announced from Pocket Pair regarding a possible PlayStation release.


Given the success of Palworld, when and if Pocket Pair and PlayStation team up for a release on Sony platforms, it’s safe to assume that such a popular title will appear in PlayStation’s State of Plays and Showcases. throughout the year. Stay tuned to the PlayStation and Pocket Pair X accounts, discord, and blog for all the information about Palworld that may be coming soon.

There you have it! You know everything you need about Palworld potentially coming to PS4 and PS5. Enjoy!