Blog - February 5, 2024

Is Indiana Jones and the Great Circle coming to PS5?

Indiana Jones, one of the greatest adventurers ever, is returning to gaming with Indiana Jones and the Great Circle in late 2024. Fans can’t wait to play as Indy again, but some are worried they won’t be able to compete anymore.

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With developers Machine Games working together with Bethesda Softworks, the latest version Indiana Jones The title has long been feared to be an exclusive to Xbox and PC users, which would mean any eager PlayStation gamers would be left out. However, the newly released information has given PS5 players a glimmer of hope.

Will Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Coming to PS5 or PS4?

Indiana Jones makes a new discovery.PlayStation users, I hope you like snakes, because Indy doesn’t. Image via Bethesda

Yes, PlayStation gamers will be able to play Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. A report dated February 4 revealed Indiana Jones the game is one of many titles that will eventually come to PlayStation despite initially being planned as an Xbox or PC exclusive.

PS5 users will definitely be able to play Big circleBut PS4 users are out of luck-game is unlikely to be released on older generation consoles.

When can we play? Indiana Jones and the Great Circle on PlayStation?

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle To be unlikely to be available on day one on the next generation PlayStation platform. As the February 2024 report suggested, while ports to Sony-supported consoles are on the way, they will be delayed.

The The exact length of the delay was not shared however, in the report, so we can only guess how long PS5 players will have to wait. Hopefully it won’t be like the delays PC gamers face with console-exclusive games, with titles like Horizon line it takes two to three years to go live on Steam or the Epic Games store.