Blog - February 6, 2024

Is Helldivers 2 in early access?

It’s been almost a decade since the first game, but Hell diver 2 is finally on the horizon. While it’s billed as an online multiplayer shooter, it’s not a live service game, but can players still try it out before release through early access?

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Not like the original hell diveris a top-down shooter, the sequel is a traditional third-person shooter, but it stays the same Spaceship fleet inspired elements and chaotic co-op multiplayer, where friendly fire poses real danger. As part of a four-person team (with friends or computer-controlled allies) and armed with all manner of weapons, you must defend Super Earth from hostile alien forces.

With slight changes in gameplay, the return hell diver fans will certainly appreciate getting an early taste Hell diver 2 Before committing, go through the early access or demo period. But is such an option available?

You can play Hell diver 2 early?

Enemies from Helldivers 2 are standing aroundWant to play? You need to pay. Image via Sony

Unfortunately there isn’t, Neither developer Arrowhead Game Studios nor publisher Sony has announced any kind of early access trial, paid or otherwise. It’s not even exclusive to pre-orders or any Hell diver 2special edition of. So unless you’re interested in getting the extra armor set, you’re best off saving your money for the standard version of the game. At the time of writing, there is also no free demo available.

At least, if you’ve pre-ordered, you really don’t have much time left to wait Hell diver 2 for launch, expected to arrive on date February 8 for PlayStation 5 and PC. Cross-play will also be available at launch, so you and your friends can participate no matter which platform you download the game on.

It’s a shame you can’t try before you buy options for Hell diver 2. A free demo or early access period could win some new fans, though that’s still possible if first impressions prove extremely positive. Fingers crossed, the opposite does not happen.