Blog - February 8, 2024

Is Helldivers 2 available on Xbox Game Pass?

The battle for Super Earth returns in Hell diver 2and if you’re wondering whether it’s available on Xbox Game Pass, we’ve got the answer.

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Sequel to the 2015 game, Hell diver 2 makes a significant change by adopting a third-person perspective instead of the top-down camera of its predecessor, and it caught the attention of players at Sony’s State of Play in January. Hell diver 2 The ad makes it clear that PlayStation players can look forward to the action-packed adventure, but can Xbox players hoping to watch it on Game Pass do the same?

To be Hell diver 2 on Game Pass?

A character in Helldivers 2 watches the ship crash into the ground.Prepare to roll. Image via Arrowhead Games

ARE NOT, Hell diver 2 Not available on Game Pass. Xbox players and anyone hoping to play via the Xbox app on PC are out of luck, because Hell diver 2 Not available on Microsoft platforms.

As a result, Xbox Series X|S players won’t be able to dive in Hell diver 2, while PC users will have to use a different approach to gaming, like Steam. Is considering Hell diver 2 Developed by Arrowhead Games, a PlayStation studio, that’s unlikely Hell diver 2 will appear on Xbox or Game Pass.

While Microsoft’s approach to exclusive titles appears to be changing, with star school And Sea of ‚Äč‚Äčthieves Of the Microsoft exclusives rumored to launch on PlayStation, there’s no indication that Sony will change its stance on a similar move. Hell diver 2 Available on select platforms only.