Blog - February 7, 2024

Is Foamstars cross-play or cross-platform?

foam star is a live-service, foam-shooting multiplayer title. We have the answer if you’re wondering whether it will follow other modern games by offering cross-play and cross-platform functionality.

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A far cry from the traditional JRPG formula that Square Enix is ​​famous for, foam star is a free, fast-paced multiplayer shooter. It has a lot in common with Nintendo Splatoon about gameplay, and when it comes to multiplayer, we have to ask about cross-play.

There was a time in gaming where cross-play didn’t happen. It’s common these days for online titles to allow cross-play, and we’re here to dive in foam star and how accessible it is.

Do foam star Is there cross-play or cross-platform play?

foamstars character shoots foam weaponsFoam for everyone. Image via Square Enix

foam star Fully embracing cross-play and cross-platform playmeaning you can enjoy foam star against all the competition on different consoles.

But the only small warning is foam star currently available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5—no Xbox, PC, or Nintendo Switch release. This means that although Foamstars has cross-play, it has the same cross-play format.

If you have a PS Plus Essentials subscription on PS4 or PS5, you can battle with others foam star players enjoy the shooter title on other PlayStation consoles.

Never say never with a future Xbox port, depending on the success of foam starbut I wouldn’t believe it when you consider the state of the Final Fantasy 7 reborn on Xbox—another Square Enix product.

If you’re on a PlayStation, watch the whole thing foam star trophy list and everything to come foam star season one.