Blog - February 8, 2024

Is Disney buying Fortnite?

Epic Games is a master of co-op. Via Fortnite lifetime, the developer has introduced multiple partnerships, including with Disney, and now that particular partnership has gone beyond just sharing cross-over character skins.

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I love Fortress and Disney collaboration over the years. After all, they gave us the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, and Epic kept the momentum going with Skywalker, Han, Luke, and Leia. Disney must have been pretty excited about its battle royale game, because the company just invested $1.5 billion to own a portion of Epic Games.

After this news appeared in February 2024, many people Fortress fans still wonder whether Disney bought it Fortress because the amount of cash is too large.

Does Disney own it? Fortress?

Spider-Man's Fortnite skin.With great power, there will be great cooperation. Image via Epic Games

Technically, Yes, Disney owns it Fortress Since the media giant acquired shares of Epic Games, make it a part owner. Disney is unlikely to have complete control Fortress and won’t change anything about battle royale, but it will have a say in the future of the game as well as Epic’s business decisions going forward.

This investment doesn’t just make sense Disney bought it Fortressbecause the entertainment company invested fully in Epic instead of just Fortress game.

What does Disney’s investment mean for The future of Fortnite?

With Disney As an Epic stockholder, fans can certainly expect more Disney and Fortress cooperation. From Marvel and Star Wars ARRIVE Avatarthe two companies can rely on IPs that the Hollywood heavyweight holds.

Because there are so many now Fortress Disney skin, both are used to working together. With their close relationship, Disney bought Fortress—or really, Epic’s equity—will benefit players to get even more skins.

More detailed information about Fortnite x Disney The partnership is likely to emerge in the coming months as both sides begin to develop strategies to expand their market share.