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How to use Apple Watch walkie-talkie mode

Knowing how to use Apple Watch walkie-talkie mode gives you another way to reach your contacts. Instead of making calls or sending messages, you can communicate instantly and have real-time conversations by simply pressing and holding a button whenever you want to talk.

It makes chatting very easy while bringing back nostalgia from your childhood (assuming you played with walkie-talkies as a kid). Moreover, the voice quality is great and the range is excellent. As long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi or using cellular data, you can connect instantly no matter where you are in the world.

What’s more, Walkie-Talkie Mode is available on devices running WatchOS 5 or later, so you don’t need the latest Apple Watch Ultra 2 or Apple Watch Series 9 to access the feature. This feature is available on all but the first Apple Watch.

How to use Apple Watch walkie-talkie mode

This feature utilizes FaceTime, so you’ll need to make sure FaceTime is enabled. Open the Settings app on your iPhone, Select FaceTime and Turn on FaceTime. Otherwise, you’ll need to make sure everything is set up within the Walkie Talkie app, and the sorting process we’ll look at takes only a minute or so.

1. Run the Walkie Talkie app

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To start a chat using your Apple Watch’s walkie-talkie feature, simply Please open the app tray and Run WalkieTalk app.

2. Select contact

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now look at your contact information Find someone you want to chat with. If you can’t see all your contacts right away, Tap + When to view the list Tap the contact nameAn invitation will be sent.

3. Start a conversation while pressing the call button.

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After accepting the invitation, simply follow these steps: Hold down the talk button and speak.

You will need to do this every time you want to say something to your contacts. In future sessions, the other person won’t even need to open the WalkieTalk app to start chatting. The app will open automatically.

4. (Optional) Use with just one tap

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Pressing and holding to speak makes the walkie-talkie experience feel more like the real thing, but if this action is painful or you have trouble keeping your finger pressed, you can use a single tap to speak instead.

only Please open the Settings app On Apple Watch Tap Accessibility and Scroll down to the Walkie Talkies section. where you can Tap toggle to turn chat on.

5. (Optional) Become unavailable

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As we’ve seen so far, the Walkie Talkie app opens automatically when you start a conversation. To that end, when a contact tries to chat with you, it also opens on your Watch.

To avoid being disturbed, Please open the Walkie Talkie app And at the top of the screen Toggle walkie-talkie buttons turn off. You can also do this through Control Center. press the side button on your watch, scroll down and Tap the walkie-talkie icon To turn it off.

And there it is. Now you know how to use Apple Watch walkie-talkie mode. There are other cool things you can do with your wearable: learn how to use the double-tap gesture on your Apple Watch or how to use heart rate zones on your Apple Watch. You can also learn how to use Apple Watch Backtracking or check your steps on your Apple Watch face.