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How to unlock SOA Subverter in MW3 and Warzone

The third weapon is coming Modern warfare 3 season two, SOA overthrewMaybe a big one.

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“Armed with 7.62 ammo, this high-firing rifle dominates at mid to long ranges thanks to its low rate of fire and predictable recoil,” Activision said. CoD blog post about part two.

Before anyone gets their hands on the new battle rifle, Activision is talking a lot about the gun ahead of its appearance in season two. And if the publisher is right, this weapon could have a huge impact on the world. CoD meta. meta.

“With excellent fire rate and accuracy, controllable recoil, and best-in-class movement and sprint speeds, this also delivers headshot and stun ability,” Activision said. great aim, even in the base state.” “With some tweaking, this could be a candidate for the ultimate combat rifle, if you can squeeze out a more leisurely ADS rate.”

The ultimate combat rifle? More optimal than the powerful BAS-B, which dominates both MW3 multiplayer and Battlefield Since its launch? That’s a bold statement.

Here’s everything there is to know about how to get SOA Subverter battle rifle in MW3 And Battlefield.

How to get SOA Subverter battle rifle in MW3 And Battlefield

A few colorful MW3 operators fight in a skyscraperWait it out. Image via Activision

The SOA Subverter is a reward for completing weekly challenges in the second season. It’s unclear what week SOA Subverter will launch, but new weekly challenges will be added every Wednesday.

So, SOA Subverter is not yet available to unlock. It will be available at some point during season two, which runs from February 7 to early April.

The New battle rifle will be the reward for completing any five challenges in MW3 Multiplayer, Battlefield, or MW3 Zombie for that particular week. Be sure to check in each week to see what the weekly challenges are and what the rewards are.

Weekly challenge in MW3 includes doing things like getting kills with a certain gun, a specific type of gun, winning games in Battlefieldor destroy hundreds of zombies in MW3 Zombies. Whichever mode you prefer, you can complete challenges in it and in any combination of modes, as long as you complete five challenges.

When the SOA Subverter becomes available, this article will be updated with more information on how to get it, including information about the week it takes place, what challenges are listed, and how to complete them to unlock the gun.