Blog - February 8, 2024

How to unlock difficulty settings in Helldivers 2

The alien hordes grow bigger, badder and tougher as you unlock each difficulty setting Hell diver 2. Be prepared to lose many Helldivers on your journey to Helldive difficulty. Here are all the difficulty settings and how to unlock them.

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How to unlock every Hell diver 2 hard

Easy difficulty unlock screen in Helldivers 2Oh, that’s easy. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Hell diver 2 provides a huge number Nine difficulty settings options in Campaigns. You can set the difficulty above Galactic War Console inside the Terminator’s War Room. Difficulty selection is made when you open the Galactic Wars menu with planet and mission overviews. You can filter through each difficulty level (R1 or L1 on controller), with a brief summary provided for each difficulty and what you can expect when entering battle. Most quests provide one 40 minute timer to complete all objectives and retreat safely.

Here are all the difficulties and how to unlock them Hell diver 2:

  • Trivial: Default setting
  • Easy: Unlocked after completing the mission on Trivial difficulty.
  • Medium: Unlocked after completing the mission on Easy difficulty.
  • Challenge: Unlocked after completing the mission on Medium difficulty.
  • Hard: Unlocked after completing the mission on Challenge difficulty.
  • Extremely: Unlocked after completing the mission on Hard difficulty.
  • Suicide mission: Unlocked after completing the mission on Extreme difficulty.
  • Impossible: Unlocked after completing the mission on Suicide Mission difficulty.
  • hell: Unlocked after completing the mission on Impossible difficulty.

Planet overview and mission selection on the Galactic console in Helldivers 2Select mission difficulty using the filter under ‘Quick Play.’ Screenshot of Dot Esports

You cannot review tasks you have previously completed. New missions may appear on a planet depending on your liberation progress. Hell diver 2 Updated in real time, with every planet, mission and solar system timed. We recommend completing as many missions as possible on the easiest difficulties before trying a newly unlocked, harder difficulty. Each task has its own type, along with completion time. Find out which missions you and your teammates do best and choose these when you want to unlock the next difficulty level.

To be clear, you only need to complete one action (mission) on the highest difficulty you have unlocked at that time to unlock the next difficulty. Solo players may have a harder time completing these missions as aliens easily overrun the extraction point. With limited resources, ammo and weapons, lean in Supply reduction strategy stay and fight. Try to save as many resources as possible before you start mining. Those playing with others don’t have to worry about losing Helldivers as often as solo players in an attempt to complete harder difficulty settings.