Blog - February 5, 2024

How to unlock BP50 in MW3 and Warzone

Part two of Modern warfare 3like all other things Call of duty season, adding many new weapons for players to entertain in many different modes. One of all BP50 assault rifle.

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According to CoD blog description, the BP50 is “a modular bullpup sized 5.56” that players can use to “take down opponents with a high rate of fire and exceptional accuracy to dominate at range.” mid to long range”.

“For operators who need optimal mobility from their weapon, the BP50 is a spectacular contender,” Activision said of the weapon formerly known as the F2000 in older versions. CoD Game. “Offering exceptional mobility and a breathtaking rate of fire compared to other rifles in its class, this Corvus-built weapon can take down opposition in a variety of quick and impressive ways.”

But before using the gun, you must first pass the Battle Pass. Here’s everything there is to know about How to get BP50 in MW3 And Battlefield.

How to get BP50 AR in MW3 And Battlefield

MW3 season 2 battle pass screenGrind the pass. Image via Activision

The BP50 is unlocked in MW3 Season two Battle Pass in Region B7can be seen in the Battle Pass image above.

At the beginning of part two, you start in Area B1. You can then navigate right to B3 or left to B2. We recommend moving from B1 to B2, to B4 and then straight to B7. To unlock each Region, all five rewards must be unlocked with Battle Pass tokens.

To earn Battle Pass tokens, simply play MW3 Multiplayer, Battlefield, or Zombies and earn XP and they will be added to your collection. Make sure to turn off the automatic token usage feature in the battle pass screen so you can choose which area to navigate and make the BP50 yours as soon as possible.

Once season two ends, there will be a new unlockable challenge to collect the weapon and add it to your arsenal. So if you missed part two, don’t worry. But if you are playing CoD during the season in February and March 2024, then you can also get the weapon as it is part of the free rewards in the Battle Pass.

This article will be updated with new information about the BP50 unlock challenge when part two ends in April 2024.