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How to sell scrap and items in Lethal Company

Lethal Company The core gameplay loop is simple, mainly revolving around collecting scraps from different maps and selling them at the Company’s ominous station for profit.

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Not meeting your quota can cause you to lose progress, so we’ve created a guide on how to sell scrap and items in Deadly company to help you maximize your profits.

How to sell scrap to make money in Deadly company

The only way to sell your products in Deadly company is by visiting the Company. The company purchases goods at:

  • 30 percent of their value on Day 1
  • 77 percent on day two
  • 100 percent on day three.

The timing of sales is important to your play style and can vary depending on the map and how much loot you collect.

Tip: Get the most out of your money!

Try to visit the Company on the last day so they buy everything you earn for 100%! Don’t let your efforts go to waste!

To sell your items in Lethal Company, you will have to do the following:

  • Go to the Train Station.
  • Enter “moon”.
  • Then, enter “company”.
  • Finally, type “confirm” in Terminal.
  • After doing so, go left to the Station and start the train.
  • When you arrive, you will encounter a massive building. Go to the sales counter.
  • Drop off all your items at the counter.
  • When everything is ready to sell, ring the bell on the counter.
  • Let the creature hook things up.
  • You will receive your salary seconds after the items are sold.

    Lethal Company's trailer shows employees inside the spacecraftScreenshot by Dot Esports via Zeekerss

    Watch out Creatures in the counter can sometimes spawn giant tentacles and capture one of your crew members along with sold items due to loud noise or excessive ringing!

    Whatever horrors lurk within there is certainly a way to express dissatisfaction with your performance. Not to mention disciplinary action against the Company if targets are not met.

    Tip: Need an extra $5?

    If you’re short an extra $5, sacrificing a crew member to the Company will get you there. Just hit them with a shovel until they’re knocked out and place their bodies on the consignment counter with the rest of your items. Anything for the Company right?

    Tips for looting in Deadly company

    A Lethal Company player is using equipment in an outdoor area.Image via Zeekerss

    You may be wondering when to sell items in Deadly company or how to get the most loot. This largely depends on your play style and how much loot you collect on any given day.

    1) Explore as many rooms as possible

    All facilities and buildings within Deadly company have a chance to contain loot. The more buildings you explore, the more loot you’ll find. Rooms can lead to dead ends and are more than empty, which shouldn’t discourage you from digging deeper.

    Keep going until no threats exist in the area, because Death can result in penalties, which can significantly damage your bank account.

    Depending on the moon you are playing on, the monsters are also different. Not all monsters can spawn on every moon, and later moons like Dine and Rend are challenging and dangerous but also more rewarding. We recommend paying the most attention to those moons, especially when your quota increases to high prices.

    2) Distribute loot to all players

    Carrying all the loot yourself will hinder you significantly, drains your stamina and slows you down. Redistribute weight by sharing loot with other team members, and don’t leave before all your loot slots are filled. Only take leave early if it is too dangerous to continue exploring and collect more scrap and items.


    Although it will weigh you down significantly, you can fill each of your inventory slots with scrap and carry a large piece of scrap that requires two hands to lift. You won’t be in a position to overcome possible threats, but you can always drop the big scrap and try to come back for it later.

    3) Avoid looting on stormy and flooded moon days

    When you select the moon, Terminal will show you the weather conditions. Avoid looting when the moon has storms or floods, as floods can rise and spread significantly, especially in the outer areas of the map, even though you may be exploring the inner areas .

    You may encounter an ocean flood when leaving the facility, which can lead to drowning and the wiping out of your entire crew. Wiping causes you to lose all collected progressSo if you really want to explore under these conditions, first make sure you’ve reached your quota by selling items on Day One or Day Two.

    4) There is a person sitting on the chair

    If you are playing with two or more people, please One of your crew members stays behind on the boat. They will be able to log in to the terminal and watch your and your friends’ adventures live. This will allow you to keep an eye on things that you don’t see when you’re all in the Facility. This person is the key to a successful run. They will need one walkie-talkie for communication with crew and preferably one teleport to teleport instantly Friend or a friend escapes danger (or gets the crewman’s body off the ship).

    The person sitting on the chair can also disable turrets, open metal doors and neutralize mines. They are an essential tool for operating very successfully.

    5) Always be prepared

    Opening a Shop to equip yourself with useful equipment is one of the most useful Terminal Commands in Deadly company. Recent updates about Deadly company even causes enemies to be killed and/or stunned, which can save you in dire situations.

    The most important tool for you to own will be a flashlightbecause it can get dark very quickly, making meaningful exploration impossible.

    Additionally, stock up on grenades and valuable tools from the Terminal that you can choose from depending on your goals and play style. If you can’t loot enough coins, don’t waste the collected coins and accidentally send yourself below the limit, resulting in instant failure and loss of progress.

    When to sell items and scrap in Deadly company?

    You should always look to sell things on the last day, as you can get the most money from your items this way. However, this can change, especially when you play the last three moons of the game, where many valuable items can be collected quickly, making early sales a a viable strategy. If you have gathered thousands of people in Deadly companyand you have enough funds to meet the quota after the first or second day, perhaps you can try selling your items earlier and use the last day to try and explore more.

    Otherwise, we recommend you continue selling your items on the last day and make the most of your loot. As we noted above, you can also sell earlier if you want to uncover valuable late-game assets. Cause death Company moon, but the weather conditions are not favorable so going in without meeting the previous target is too risky.

    Your playing style is most important. You must arrange a reasonable time to sell scrap and items to earn as much money as possible Deadly company.