Blog - February 5, 2024

How to reset server in Palworld

Resetting the server can help you maintain Palworld new experience. Even in private servers, there will be days when you want to start over perform a server reset.

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I start Palworld journey on an official server. My first encounter with a reset was during a server wipe, which turned out to be a reset bug that was triggered on day 32 of playtime. This is just a hurdle for me because I’m planning on setting up a dedicated server with my friends. As more members started joining our server, we decided to make one Palworld wipe the server clean so we can all start afresh together.

How to make one Palworld reset the server

In-game image of the player petting Foxsparks from PalworldIt’s time for new beginnings. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

There are some simple methods that you can try to perform a server reset in Palworld. Starting with the simplest, here’s how you can reset your server.

Your change Palworld server location

Your move password server to a new location is Easiest way to reset server. If you switch back to your location, you will also be able to access your previous reset progress. Give your character a new name while restarting the server to avoid in-game file mismatch.

Delete all files in the main directory

You can also try this method if you don’t want to change the server location. Take your server offline and go to Files for your respective hosting service. Delete all files in the home directory and restart your server. This will wipe yours Palworld server to its core, allowing you to start from scratch.

How to reset player data in Palworld server

If you want to reset the data of just one Palworld player, you first need to find their player ID.

  • Log in to your server as an administrator.
  • Type “/showplayers” into the chat.
  • Write down the “playeruid” of the person you want to reset.
    • The player in question must be online on the server as their playeruid will not be visible if they are offline.
  • Convert playeruid to hexadecimal value.
  • Login to your server control panel and take it offline.
  • Navigate to the Files tab and open the Pal folder.
  • Open the “Saved-SaveGames-0” folder.
  • Select your World folder and then the player folder.
  • Delete the “.sav” file for the corresponding hexadecimal system.