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How to raise Mozzarina in Palworld

Mozzarina is a basic but essential Pal in Palworld. This cow-like creature is the only Pal that can produce Milk so by breeding them you can grow Milk very effectively.

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Breeding Mozzarina can also help you get closer to completing your Paldeck. Mozzarinas are not difficult to catch as you will see a lot of them wandering around the green fields. However, if you want the best Passive Skills for Mozzarina or want to get more of them without having to go out into the wild, then breeding is your best bet. Here’s how to breed Mozzarina in Palworld.

How to get Mozzarina Eggs in Palworld

Entrance to Mozzarina PaldeckGet some milk. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Once you’ve built yourself a Farm and an Incubator and stocked up on Cakes, you’ll be able to combine Friends to breed other Friends. You don’t necessarily need a Mozzarina to breed one, so breeding is an effective way to get your first.

There are many possible combinations to ensure an egg contains Mozzarina, so you probably already have Essential Friends on your list. Below is a list of friends you can breed to get Mozzarina:

  • Anubis And tanzee or mashmallow
  • incinerator And player or dreamy
  • I was cremated that night And dreamy and or mashmallow
  • Always And Elizabee or Warsect
  • Always cry And Faleris or Ragnahawk
  • Peak And unit
  • lizard And Mossanda Lux or Ragnahawk
  • Tocotoco And Wumpo Botany or Kingpaca
  • Eikthyrderer And Eikthyrderer Terra, Melpaca or fake
  • Galeclaw And Arsox or petal
  • milk tea And The Flame of Jormunts, reptile or Elizabee
  • howls And overthrow belong to Foxcicle
  • Gorirat And petal
  • jolthog And Sibelych or tape Kingpaca
  • Jolthog crystals And Sibelych or Wumpo
  • unit And Leezpunk burns
  • Foxparks And spider wings or To scan
  • Bristla And Azurobe And Cinnamon
  • Lunar calendar And howls or Katress
  • Penguin And Wumpo or Kingpaca
  • goblin fire And howls
  • baseball And Warsect And tremble
  • Jormuntide And Chips
  • The Flame of Jormunts And Chips
  • full moon And bronchial or Celaray
  • Mossanda Lux And ask or Hangyu crystal
  • I’m her And Bad, vixyor Cream
  • in Elphidra And Burning kelp or Floppy disk
  • Elphidran Aqua And Killamari or Floppy disk
  • Woolipop And Vanwyrm crystal
  • Melpaca And ability
  • Surf And Kelp or tanzee
  • Surf Terra And Kelp or Burning kelp
  • cawgnito And Stingray hunting dog
  • Azurobe And ribbon
  • Bad And tremble
  • Depression And Moss sand or Kingpaca ice
  • Orchid And Kitsun or Bronchi Aqua
  • Killing And Vanwyrm or Blazehowl night
  • robinquill And Arsox or Chilli
  • Robinquill Terra And dinosaur or Dinosaur Lux
  • Kitsun And Verdash
  • Leezpunk And Katress
  • Leezpunk burns And Blazehowl night
  • Vanwyrm And wanking or rob
  • dinosaur And Verdash or Felbat
  • spark And To scan
  • Felbat And Chilli
  • Faleris And vixy or Cream
  • ability And Recycling or fake
  • Recycling And Promise
  • Promise And Celaray
  • Horocrate And spider wings or Moss sand
  • Killamari And Bench
  • Vaelet And Foxcicle
  • wing And Fire
  • Beegarde And overthrow or Stingray hunting dog
  • Blazehowl night And rob
  • sweet And there are many grits or Bench
  • appearance And Fire
  • ribbon And there are many grits
  • Nox And Bush
  • tremble And Cream
  • Eikthyrderer Terra And Mozzarella
  • fake And Mozzarella
  • Mozzarella And Mozzarella

All statistics of Mozzarina in Palworld

  • Element: Neutral
  • Partner skills: Milk maker
    • When delivered to the Farm, Mozzarina will produce Milk.
  • Job suitability: Primary level agriculture
  • Potential drops: Mozzarina milk and meat
  • Starvation: March 10