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How to raise Beegarde in Palworld

Thank you livestock farm in Palworld, you can get some rare Pals soon. There are several Pal breeding combinations you can use to get Beegarde. This is the easiest way I found.

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How to breed Beegarde Palworld

Alert. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The easiest way to get Beegarde is Breeding Melpaca with Tanzee. Both of these Pals can be caught everywhere Palworld. Here are some common places you can find them.

Melpaca location

You can catch Melpacas just outside the first tower. Screenshot of Dot EsportsMelpaca Location Screenshot by Dot Esports

You can take one Melpaca next to the First Syndicate Tower, where you fight Zoe and Grizzbolt. Melpacas was walking around the barren area just outside the tower. Most of them are level 11. You can even ride one.

Tanzee location

There are many Tanzees in Palworld. Screenshot of Dot EsportsTanzee Palworld Location. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Only northeast of the Melpaca location (you can also get there by going south from the Fort Ruins fast travel point), you will find an absolute herd of Tanzee. These cute little monkeys often hang out in groups and won’t cause much trouble if you fight them. Many of them are at levels three to five. You can even catch Tanzee without fighting if you throw an orb while it’s sleeping.

When you have Tanzee and Melpaca of different genders, Take them to one Farm and give them some privacy. After a while, you will receive an egg and once it hatches, you will be the proud owner of Beegarde.

Where to catch Beegarde at Palworld

Players in Palworld are fighting Alpha ElizabeeDestroy the Beegardes first. Screenshot of Dot Esports

If you want Beegarde as soon as possible, breeding is the best way to go. But if you don’t mind waiting, you can catch one in the wild.

A great place to catch Beegardes is in a cave near the Central Lake Fast Travel point. Alpha Elizabee can be found north of here, along with her Beegard guardians. You’ll need to be around level 30 or higher for this fight, so make sure you’re prepared. This is also where you can find the Legendary Metal Armor Diagram.

Be careful around Beegards. If they realize they are about to die, they will explode, causing great damage. Make sure to catch them before they explode.