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How to open and find Ascending Chests in Destiny 2

Chests increase gradually is one of the forgotten parts of Destiny 2 since they debuted in Denial. These secret goals rotate each week, and they rarely offer big rewards—yet. Season of wishes gave players a reason to follow them.

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Like older destinations, Dream City as a whole needs a boost to keep players coming back (though for me, the beauty of the Gardens of Esila is more than enough). This is the case with Season of Wishes and, by extension, Riven’s Wish quests.

These missions task players with solving more obscure objectives in a series of secrets held by the Dreaming City. For example, the second Wish quest requires the player to obtain an ascending Chest. Here’s how you can open them and where you can find them in Destiny 2.

How to open incremental Chests for the Riven’s Wishes II quest

Open chests incrementally require you to Use Tincture of Queensfoil and get the Ascension buff. This will “open your mind to discover the secrets of the Dreaming City,” essentially allowing you to see what you usually miss. This includes the Ascendant Chest and the Ascendant Plane entrance.

However, you won’t always spot a chest right away. Occasionally, you will perceive a path of materialization, heralded by a message stating that the boundaries between reality become weaker. This is a sign that there’s a secret nearby—usually an Ascendant Chest, or at least the start of the path to that secret.

A guardian notices the beginning of the Ascent in the Strand.You can jump onto those platforms as long as you have the Ascension buff. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Chests Ascend are character-based, so you can get multiple chests each week if you change characters. There are 10 different points each week (30 points total), varying according to the strength of the Curse.

Destiny 2 The position of the Chest gradually increases

We won’t list all the Ascendant Chest locations here, although we will list enough for you to complete the Second Wish quest if you play more than one character. If you still need to complete activities in Dreaming City or participate in the Rift Generator public event, this could be a good opportunity to complete the Second Wish quest.

Weak Curse (Petra is on the Strand):

  • By the last rock with a tree in Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector (Divalian Mists).
  • On the balcony in Starlight Lost Sector’s Room (Rheasilvia).
  • At the end of the ledge after killing the boss in Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector (Strand). Don’t drop down until you get hold of this chest.
  • On the right side of the bridge at the end of the Esila Garden. This is where you will appear if you do the Lost Temple Ascension Challenge, which rotates every six weeks.
    • If you get stuck in one of the first boxes, look to the left until the path appears in front of you.
  • Near where Petra is in the Strand, across the road leading to Rheasilvia and the giant statue in the Strand.