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How to merge Personas in Persona 3 Reload

If you want a bigger, better, and more powerful Persona to climb the tower of Tarturus, here’s everything you need to know about fusion Reload Persona 3.

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Reload Persona 3: Fuse Persona Guide

Velvet room on the first floor of Tarturus tower in Persona 3 ReloadedThe Velvet Room is located to the left of Tartarus: Entrance. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Imagine you have a deck of cards Pokémon cards and can combine their abilities to create new Pokémon. Naturally, this combination will be stronger than the original Pokémon. This is how fusion works in Reload Persona 3. But before testing, you must complete fifth floor of Tarturus. This will unlock all fusion methods in the Velvet Room.

The Velvet Room will unlock when you officially enter the Tarturus tower. You’ll find the Velvet Room on the first floor, also known as the Velvet Room. Tarturus: Entrance. Go to the Velvet Room after the fifth floor and Talk to Elizabeth to start combining. This will open the menu, where you have three choices.

Incorporates the Persona main menu screen in Persona 3 ReloadedChoose Fusion when you talk to Elizabeth in the Velvet Room. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Select Fusion Where Merge Dyad, Special combinationAnd Combined search appear. Below are the main differences between each type of fusion reaction.

Merge Dyad

Merge two characters together in Persona 3 ReloadedCombine Personas based on their Arcana, level, and skills. Screenshot of Dot Esports

First is Dyad Fusion. This method is simple merge two Personas from your acquired Persona list together. You will lose both Personas in the fuse, making space for your new and (hopefully) more powerful Persona.

Social Links affect the strength of your Fused Persona. Every character you get attached to Reload Persona 3 have an Arcana linked to them. You will know what this is once you start linking or selecting a specific choice with said character. For example, Tomochika (the classmate who is obsessed with Takeba) has the Magician Arcana. This means you’ll want to equip the Magician Persona when interacting with Tomochika.

The social link that affects the Arcana is chosen based on the two Personas you are fusing. High social links bring new Personas Additional experience pointsgiving it more powers and skills than the original Personas.

Special combination

Special personality combination screen in Persona 3 ReloadIs your Persona strong enough to fuse? Screenshot of Dot Esports

The second method is Special Fusion. This merge three or more Personas. The result is more powerful than the more basic Dyad Fusion. This combination three or more types of Arcana Build on what you already have in your arsenal to create new typing styles. Unlike the standard combination method, the combination method requires special Higher level Personas to fuse.

Your social links once again influence the final Persona’s power. You will gain more strength by having Arcana Social Link as high as possible before you fuse. So, make sure to use your Persona before testing so that the Social Link increases and reaches a high enough level in the Special Combination. Special Personas created through Special Combination can only be obtained by this method.

Combined search

Look for the composite personality screen in Persona 3 ReloadedSee your merge results before you start the process. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Search Fusion shows one List of Personas you can create with Personas already in your collection. This method shows a list of possible Personas and their Arcana typings that you can fuse instead of going blind with Dyad Fusion. However, each outcome has different level requirements compared to the Personas you have already acquired.

Each skill the original Persona possesses can be passed on to the new Persona. You can use Incense card to enhance the abilities of the original Personas; these are then transferred to the new Persona through fusion. Personas’ skills can be changed by Skill card. If a Persona has eight skills, a new skill can replace these skills, similar to adjusting a Pokémon’s moveset as they level up.

Fusion accident

Igor explains how the moon's cycles could cause a thermonuclear accident in Persona 3 ReloadedAvoid merging into a new moon. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The phase of the moon Changes the skills that Persona inherits. Depending on the crescent and if it is a new moon, your new Persona may have significant changes in skills when a thermonuclear accident occurs. In the event of a fusion accident, the new Persona may no longer be as viable as it should be.

A fusion accident can give you a great Persona or a terrible Persona. The results are unknown when you gamble on combining Personas. Although the outcome of the thermonuclear accident is not predicted, the new Persona’s skills may differ from the high-level Persona as seen in the locked games. Summary of peopleor at a lower level than your original Personas.

Repetitive fusion can also determine whether you have had an accident or not. Use only one type of fusion technique during each visit to the Velvet Room to reduce the likelihood of fusion accidents. We recommend saving before merging and reloading if there are any problems.