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How to make Ratatouille at Disney Dreamlight Valley

IN Disney Dreamlight Valley, One character you’ll want to find and help is Remythe main character in the film vegetable soup. Tiny Chef is the key to unlocking new ingredients and learning fun recipes like vegetable soup.

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How to recruit Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You have to cook a lot to unlock the Remy and Ratatouille recipe. Screenshot via Gameloft

ARRIVE Unlock Remy IN Disney Dreamlight Valley And learn vegetable soupyou have to unlock it Ratatouille Kingdom in Dream Castle for 2,000 Dreamy Lights. When you unlock this door, you will receive the quest, An important night at the restaurant.

Inside the kingdom, you will be given various tasks such as using a watering can to wash dishes and helping Remy prepare various dishes using fish or fruit, and you must make a hearty salad or chili cake bell.

After showing Remy your appetizer, you’ll need to complete a few more cooking steps before you get to the part final phase of the mission, where Remy will ask them to go cooking Ratatouille.

But all the little chef will tell the player about the ingredients in the recipe is “It’s vegetables! And spices! And the memories! Go!” While some players like a good mystery, most want to know the ingredients without wasting time or resources.

But what vegetables and spices, Remy? Screenshot via Gameloft

The kitchen contains many different ingredients, causing the player to need help to cook the necessary Ratatouille. Although it is a five-star dish, creating it is not too difficult.

Ratatouille recipe instructions in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Screenshot via Gameloft

ARRIVE make vegetable soup IN Disney Dreamlight Valleyyou will need five ingredients, because this is a five star formula. Ingredients include:

  • One Tomato.
  • One Eggplant.
  • One Onion.
  • One Zucchini.
  • One of any seasoning (such as Oregano or Basil)

Add all five ingredients to the cooking pot and prepare your Ratatouille. Then put it out there for criticism, and you’ll be right there Unlocks Ratatouille recipe. Remy will also agree to move to the Village. But first, you must place his house somewhere in Dreamlight Valley so the little chef can move in. And as soon as you welcome him to the Village and talk to Remy, you will Complete the mission Big Night at the Restaurant.

Learning Ratatouille can be tedious, but it will be worth the effort once you unlock Remy and eventually his restaurant, where you can buy ingredients like butter and eggs.