Blog - February 2, 2024

How to make meat in Palworld

Palworld can be a bit brutal at times, especially if you’re considering Massacre your friends. While the Pocketpair is good enough at blurring gory details, it doesn’t make the process any easier.

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I grew attached to my Friends, especially the ones I captured in the early stages of the game with my first few Pal Spheres. However, there will be times during Palworld When do you need to reorganize your Friends? I’ve prioritized selling Friends to get more Gold, but Killing them is also a quick option that you can do quickly.

How to butcher friends with a clear meat slicer Palworld

Who came up with this mechanic? Video by Dot Esports

ARRIVE Butcher friend IN Palworldyou need to Use the Meat Slicer. You can unlock the Butcher Knife from the Tech Tree when you reach level 12. Craft the Butcher Knife using five Ingots, 20 Wood and 5 Stone and follow the steps below to reach Butcher a Pal.

  • Summon a friend.
  • Equipped with Meat Cutter.
  • Open the command wheel by holding down 4 on PC or right thumbstick on Xbox controller.
  • Select the Butcher option.

When you select Butcher, you will start chopping your Pal, but it will be blurred. The sound effects still paint a menacing picture, so I chose to sell the Pals instead.

What happens when you butcher a friend in Palworld?

When you butcher a friend, you will receive its spoils, and the amount dropped will vary depending on the Pal. For example, Foxparks can drop Skin and Fire Organs. Selling Pals meat is considered an illegal act in India Palworldand if there are any NPC witnesses around, you can get a bounty on your head.

by Palworld The warning of criminal activity being conducted is one of my least favorite things in the Palworld, so I try to play by the rules as often as possible. If you like the crime life in PalworldHowever, Butchering can help you on your path to becoming a wanted man.