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How to make judgments in Elder Scrolls: Castles

IN Elder Scroll: CastleYou’ll run a kingdom—but with so many subjects and a vast land to rule, problems and conflicts will inevitably arise and you’ll need to decide the best course of action.

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Bethesda’s castle-building game isn’t your typical game Old scroll game. Castle is a more casual game in which you lead your subjects on various quests to maintain your kingdom. With this in mind, your subjects sometimes come to the designated king to tell you about certain situations, whether it is about their experiences with other subjects or about neighboring kingdoms other.

It is the king’s duty to resolve the situations presented by your subjects make a judgment. Here’s how to do it in Elder Scroll: Castle.

What is the ruling in it? Elder Scroll: Castle?

Judgments in Elder Scrolls: CastleThe rulings are already in place. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Decision IN Elder Scroll: Castle are the decisions you need to make as your subjects approach your throne and describe a certain situation. You need to respond to the situations they present by choosing from one of the available options. This decision can affect the mood of those involved in the decision, and almost every decision has negative side effects—so choose wisely.

How to make a judgment in Elder Scroll: Castle

Hey, castle ruler. Screenshot via Dot EsportsChoose your verdict. Screenshot via Dot EsportsIt’s time for the final verdict. Screenshot via Dot Esports

To see if there may be a ruling, check your Castle and search for the throne if there are any red cards. Click on the cards to see the scenario your people will present to your king.

Once done, At least two options will appear where you can choose the verdict for the situation your subject has presented. Choose one of the options to apply your judgment. This will affect the mood of the subjects related to the subject of the judgment.

Just be cautious with some of the judgments because They may ask you to devote some of your resources. As long as you can afford your decision, you can proceed with choosing decisions that will satisfy the majority of your audience.