Blog - February 7, 2024

How to join the Tycoon Club in Monopoly Go

Some Monopoly Go the player has received invitation to join Club Tycoon. As news of these invitations began to spread around community forums, others began to wonder How to join.

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I would never turn in free dice Monopoly Go. Even on days when I don’t have time to focus on the game, I keep my Dice rolling and take advantage of ongoing events to optimize my progress. When I first heard about Tycoon Club, I immediately liked the benefits, motivating me to look into joining this exclusive membership.

What is Club Tycoon Monopoly Go?

Tycoon Club interface in Monopoly Go.Welcome to Club Tycoon. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Navigation Tycoon Club Monopoly Go players enter the game’s website, which offers various bonuses and offers. You can get Dice, Free Spins and other rewards by visiting Club Tycoon

Based on my observations, this seems like an attempt to get by Monopoly Go players are used to interacting with rewards and making purchases outside of the game. As competition regulations change, more games have begun experimenting with launching separate stores on their websites, allowing them to avoid the high fees of Apple and the Google Play Store.

How do you join Club Tycoon in Monopoly Go?

Invitations to join the Tycoon Club are random Monopoly Go. At the time of writing, you don’t need to do anything special to receive an invitation to join the club. If you log in every day, you will eventually receive invitations because there is no connection between the players who join the club.

On a Reddit thread discussing Tycoon Club, many players highlighted the randomness of the invites. Some users have spent hundreds of dollars on the game but are still waiting for invites, while others have received invites from their free-to-play accounts.