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How to increase damage limit in Granblue Fantasy Relink

During the mission Maniac and Proud in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking, increasing your damage limit is important, not just raw damage. With high-level weapons and powerful Signs carrying your raw attack, increasing your maximum damage is important. Damage Cap Sigil is perfect for this. Here’s how to get it.

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How Damage Markers work and what they look like in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking

Screenshot of the Damage Limit trait level in Granblue Fantasy relink.It takes a while to reach the maximum trait level. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Granblue Fantasy: Relinking sets a limit on how much damage each attack and Skill can deal, known as the damage cap. This means that after a certain point, enhancing the Attack trait will not make your damage increase higher. That’s where Damage limit feature help, push that limit further with bonuses of up to 250 percent. The damage limit mark is important in enhancing this trait, making it a valuable item to farm.

Most players hit this damage limit in the later Extreme and early Maniac missions. You probably won’t need to focus on this until you reach these levels.

How to get the Damage Limit Mark in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking

The result is a screenshot of Siero Transmute Sigil with Damage Cap Sigil.Convert, then convert some more. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

IN Granblue Fantasy: Relinkingyou can only get Damage Limit Marks randomly from Switching Marks and using Transmarvel at Siero’s jewelry store. This will be available at the end of the game, immediately after finishing the Main Story. As you progress and unlock higher difficulty missions, including Up to Pride levels, you will gain access to more advanced Sigil Transmutation levels, reaching Transmarvel.

To raise the Sign of Damage, Collect Treasures to redeem Knickknack VouchersUsed in Convert Sigil at Siero’s. To get these Vouchers, raise the Attack Squad! mission on Extreme, similar to Curios’ farming. Trade the Scraps and Premium Machines from this mission at Siero’s for multiple Coupons.

With Coupons in hand, you’re ready to Switch Signs at Siero’s. The main difference in Transcendence levels is Sigil’s rarity and its trait level. For example, you only find level V Sigil at the third level of Conversion, while the second level maxes out at Sigils IV.

That’s why you should unlock the third level of Sign of Change before increasing the Damage Limit. This level gives you the highest trait levels, outside of Transmarvel, allowing you to tailor your character with fewer Damage Limit Marks but gain high trait levels, making room for Other signs of support.

With everything set up, just Repeat farming of Knickknack Vouchers and Sigil Transformations until you get all the Damage Limit Marks you need.

The quest drops the Damage Limit Sign

If you want to try your luck another way, some missions have a chance to drop Damage Limit Signs after you complete them. Aside from the obvious first reward quests, they may not be worth your time compared to farming Knickknack Vouchers. They are:

Damage Limit III (Level 4)

  • The first clear bonus from License to Thrill on Extreme. Cannot grow crops.
  • From Oddly Specific Request, Folca One-Time Side Quest.

Damage Limit IV+ (Level 7)

  • First Clear Bonus from Id Bears Repeat on Maniac. Includes Level 7 Attack trait. Cannot be farmed.
  • Random drops from Saga Grande: Happily Ever After on Maniac. Comes with a random additional trait. It’s possible to grow crops, but it’s a big time commitment.

Damage Limit V (Level 11)

  • Random drop item from To Know the Unknowable on Extreme. Cultivation is possible but requires a large time commitment.
  • First clear reward from Blazing Trial on Proud. Cannot grow crops.
  • Random drop from Melting Pot of hostility on Proud. Can be planted.
  • Random drop from general investigation: Id on Proud. Can be planted.