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How to Improve Arrest Rate in Palworld

Catching Pals is your inevitable job as a hunter Palworld, but sometimes, those bold creatures can get you in trouble. It’s no surprise that you’re looking to increase your Friend’s Capture Power. Yes, I’ve got you covered.

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Palworld Grasping Power explained

The player throws the Pal Sphere at the Pengullet in PalworldMake it easier. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Embrace the power within Palworld denotes the ease with which you can catch a wild Pal. If you have high Capture Power, it means you can capture Friends more easily. Luckily, you don’t have to spend too much of your mind thinking about your chances of catching a certain Friend. Every time you aim the Pal Sphere at a Friend, your HUD will clearly display your chances of capturing that specific Friend.

How to increase Internal Capture Power Palworld

There are many ways to increase your Capture Power and rate in Palworldincludes the following:

  • Use a stronger Pal Sphere
  • Throw the Pal Orb at an unsuspecting Friend to get an extra bonus back
  • Give the Lifmunk effigy to the Statue of Power
  • There are six types of Pal Sphere in Palworld, and their recipes unlocked at higher levels grant Capture powers and higher capture rates than the base Pal Sphere. Mega and Giga Spheres unlock early in the game, so I recommend crafting a few before taking on Alpha Pal or other high-level Pals to enjoy the increased Capture Power.

    The rebate bonus is triggered when you approach a Friend without being noticed. However, don’t try to catch the Pal from behind without dealing any amount of damage, as it will most likely escape. What you can do is deal significant damage to a Friend and then stay away from them. As soon as they stop following you, you can turn around, sneak behind the damaged Friend, and throw the Friend Orb for an additional bonus.

    Then again, I find giving the Lifmunk Scarecrow to the Statue of Power is the least hectic method. However, decoding it yourself can be a bit tedious, so here are some details.

    Where to find the Lifmunk mannequin Palworld?

    The player and Nox are looking at the Lifmunk Effigy in PalworldLifmunk mannequin, anyone? Screenshot of Dot Esports

    Give the Lifmunk effigy to the Statue of Power Palworld, you have to find them first. Luckily, spotting a Lifmunk statue isn’t as difficult as you might think. It glows bright green, so it’s pretty easy to spot even in daylight. That said, these don’t spawn at set points. I found my effigies at the edge of the cliff and in front of the cave entrance. I also found one at the top of the tower. Yes, it’s random.

    Now, when you have enough Lifmunk Scarecrows, you can offer them to the Statue of Power. You can build this statue in your base or anywhere in Palworld world or visit those found in churches spread across the world. Of course, it’s easier to build one in your base.

    Tip: The dummy may not function as intended.

    There’s been some community testing on Reddit, and now it looks like Lifmunk Effigies might not work the way they’re intended. According to one player, their average catch rate actually seems to be there reduce they have now completely upgraded their Capture Power through the use of the Lifmunk Effigy. Hopefully this is just a bug Palworld Developer Pocket Pair may take over this work in the future.

    To unlock the recipe for the Statue of Power, you must first reach level eight in the game. This recipe can then be unlocked using Ancient Technology points, which can be earned by defeating world and dungeon bosses.

    Statue of Power Formula in PalworldMust build a statue. Screenshot of Dot Esports

    If you have one point of Ancient Technology left over, open the game menu (ESC key) and go to the Technology tab. Scroll down and the Statue of Power will appear in the purple “Ancient Technology” column.

    Once you have the statue, you can open its menu to offer the Lifmunk Scarecrow you’ve collected to upgrade your Capture Power. Keep supplying dummies as you find them to increase your Capture Power to the maximum limit.