Blog - February 2, 2024

How to get Wood Acid in Enshrouded

IN Coveryou will need to create resources like Wood acid can be used to craft essential items like Antiseptic, which is then needed for Clean Bandages, Nitrates, and even Fire Arrows. But starting the process by getting Wood Acid is impossible if you haven’t unlocked a specific NPC and crafting station.

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Cover: How to get Wood Acid, explained

Blacksmiths can be found early in the Cover. Screenshot of Dot Esports

ARRIVE Take wood acid IN CoverYou must complete the following three steps:

  • Unlock and place Blacksmith at your facility.
  • Craft and place Braziers at your facility. To craft Kilk, you only need 20 Stones which you can find on the ground or by using a pickaxe on boulders.
  • Handmade charcoal Use Furnace.
  • As soon as you craft Charcoal, you will unlock the recipe for Wood Acid. To make Wood Acid, you will need two ingredients, including:

    • 15 logs (You can get this by crafting an ax and using it on the tree).
    • Three dirt.

    Recipes using Clear Wood Acid Cover

    Wood acid is needed to make Nitrate. Screenshot of Dot Esports

    Now that you have unlocked the Blacksmith, Brazier, and Wood Acid, you can craft the latter and use it to craft essential items such as:

    • antiseptic (must have Alchemy Station). Antiseptic can be used to craft other items such as Clean Bandages.
    • nitrate (this is the recipe in the Lab).
    • Thanh Thiec (this is Smelter’s recipe).
    • Shroud survival jar (requires Alchemist).
    • Healing channel (requires Alchemist).
    • Flare arrow (requires Hunter).

    As you can see, Wood Acid is used in a number of key recipes in Cover. However, you have to unlock other crafting NPCs, like Alchemists and Hunters, to craft them, making the process difficult and hopefully a little easier now.