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How to get Wish Tokens in Destiny 2

The central story of Season of Wishes may be over, but Riven has one last trick up her sleeve. Destiny 2 Extremely rare player loot: Wish Tokens, which give Guardians the opportunity to purchase weapons and armor they may not otherwise have access to.

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These Wish Tokens will not last long. Only a few will be available over the next few weeks and they will expire when Destiny 2 Final shape The expansion launches on June 4. That’s why it’s important to know how to get them, how they work, and which rewards are best to choose from a variety of rare coins, raid weapons and Mara Sov’s Exotic equipment.

Desired token in Destiny 2explain

The apparition of Ahamkara, Riven, is manifesting through an Awakening portal.  Only her head and front legs were visible.Riven’s rewards for our assistance this season will take a lot more effort to earn. Image via Bungie

Wish Token is a reward from Riven’s Wish quest line obtained from Mara Sov in HELM Every week for six weeks, starting January 30, a new Riven’s Wish quest will be available to pick up.

These six tasks are account-based instead of character-based, that is There will be six Wish Cards to earn. Each token can be traded with Mara for a reward of your choice from her inventory, incl Last Wish Weapon with Deepsight Resonance, Light exotic armorAnd Souvenirs have a limited time limit.

Riven’s Wish quests appear to have three steps each, and task players with completing specific activities within the Dreaming City. This could be anything from Legend Lost Sectors and dungeons to the Rift Generator public event, but no matter what, Guardians will need to spend a fair amount of time reaching their destination to receive these rewards.

You can get more Wish Tokens in Destiny 2?

Since the Riven’s Wish quest launched on January 30, there is only one Wish Token available. However, every week for six weeks, a new Riven’s Wish quest will be available in Mara Sov. While quests won’t be added until March 5, they can still be completed at any time until the end of Season of Wishes on June 4.

As such, players who don’t want to grind every week can wait until all Riven’s Wishes have been added and then take them down simultaneously to get six Wish Cards at once. There are still five months left Final shape finally released; Have plenty of time to complete these missions and get the rewards inside.

Once you’ve earned all six Wish Tokens, that’s it. Wish Tokens are a seasonal currency that will most likely never become profitable after the Season of Wishes.

Destiny 2 Wish Token Rewards: What to spend your wish tokens on

Riven’s Wish loot pool is vast, but there are only six Wish Tokens to spend. Destiny 2, it’s natural to be hesitant about what to buy. What rewards you should use Wish Tokens for will vary by player, but we will definitely buy the Last Wish weapon before approaching Exotic armor or cosmetics.

Last wish raid weapon

An image showing the eight Last Wish weapons available in Riven's Wish.Don’t miss your chance to get some of the most powerful weapons available. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Last Wish raid weapon is still one of the best weapons in the game. Since their reissue, guns such as The apex predator And Techeun Force has become a staple of the PvE meta. Given their strength, many Guardians would certainly have farmed for them. But for new and solo players, this will be an opportunity to get these weapons and their models without having to touch the raid. It’s an opportunity that most likely won’t come around again, so it makes sense to take advantage of the deal while it’s available.

Of course, the thing to keep in mind is You will need five weapons to unlock its model to manufacture. Since there are only six Wish Tokens, you’ll have to spend most of your resources to get it. Because of that, Apex Predator should be your first choice, as this is Last Wish’s strongest loot. If you already have it or you don’t want to put too many resources into the rocket launcher, the Techeun Force fusion rifle has proven to be great in both PvE and PvP.

Strange armor

All 12 Exotic armor sets are available in Riven's Wishes.Some of the strongest Exotics are available here. Screenshot of Dot Esports

While the Exotic armor offered through Wish Tokens includes very powerful options such as Cenotaph mask And Leap, Buying these should be a lower priority than the Last Wish weapon. That’s for one simple reason: All of these armor sets can be easily obtained through Legend Lost Sectors and future Vex Incursion activities.

Unlike the Last Wish loot, these methods of getting it are accessible to solo players and new players with very little experience required. For this reason, spending one of the six single Wish Cards on one of these armor sets is a bit of a waste of a valuable resource.

However there is one exception. As discovered by Destiny 2 Fallout Plays content creator, Free-to-play players can purchase Exotic armor although bound to Falling light expansion. There’s still Exotic armor to avoid even in this pinch — there’s no point buying gear like Swarmers or Abeyant Leap if you don’t have access to the Strand subclass. However, that still leaves a lot of options here that you might not get.

Vanity items and rare coins

Five miscellaneous rewards are available from Riven's Wish, including Exotic currency and Mementos.Only completionists should pay much attention to this part. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Miscellaneous category of Riven’s Wish includes items such as Ascendant Shards, Exotic Crypts, and Event Mementos. Given what’s on offer in the other categories, you shouldn’t buy any of these items with your Wish Tokens unless you’ve already acquired everything from other pools.

Fragments, alloys, and ascending ciphers are all quite easy to obtain through various means. Souvenirs are harder to find because they are limited-time items exclusive to events like The Dawning and Festival of the Lost, but ultimately they are just decorations for your crafted weapons, not must be something that significantly affects gameplay.