Blog - February 2, 2024

How to get wax in Enshrouded

If you want to bring a little more light to your base or boost your Flames in Coveryou will need a sufficient amount of Wax.

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Wax may not be the easiest resource to find, but it’s easy to get enough of it, even in the early game. Here’s how to get Wax in Cover.

Where to find Wax Cover

Beehive hanging on a treeBe careful around these things. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You can get Wax from beehives that breed on trees. Look for a gray sack hanging from a tree and it’s a beehive. You may also find multiple hives on a single tree. Approach the hive and interact with it to get a Wax and a Honey (Honey can be used to regenerate stamina).

However, be careful when harvesting honeycombs because often Bees will breed and attack Friend. There’s about a two second delay after harvest before the swarm spawns, but it’s not particularly strong so don’t worry too much about it. A few hits with the sword and the bees will be dealt with.

If you can’t reach the hive because it’s too high in a tree, use a bow to take it down. I’ve found that taking it out of range also reduces the chances of the swarm spawning and attacking you, even if there are still intact hives around.

Hive locations Cover

Shielded map of LongkeepThe game has thought of everything. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Hives are commonly found near Longkeep, only north of Cinder Tunnel, where the game starts. You already have the Fire Altar there, so gathering enough Wax will only take a few seconds. In particular, look around the trees east of Longkeep, as there are a few of them that have many hives.


The hive spawns and respawns on the same tree. So if you find a tree with a honeycomb, make sure not to accidentally cut it down.

After collecting Wax, wait a day until they respawn, then collect again. If you read this soon after release, the game may still have a glitch where leaving and returning to the world respawns resources. So that’s also something you can use to grow Wax.