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How to get water in Enshrouded

While surviving the rough terrain in Cover, there are many resources that you will need to use regularly, especially Water. However, take water IN Cover It’s not as easy as finding a stream or a pond like you usually do in other survival games and there are only two ways to get it.

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Cover: How to get water

Be careful because this well is close to the Shroud. Image via Keen Games

IN CoverThere are only two ways to get Water: plunder it or scoop it from the well. You can loot Water from barrels, sacks, bears (sometimes) or tables. But since you’re not guaranteed Water every time you raid one of these places, there’s no way to get water unless you want to kill a lot of bears.

Unlike most survival games, you also cannot get Water from natural sources like ponds or rivers, so you have to be conscious about your water usage and know where to find a well where you are guaranteed told me to get Water.

Cover: Where to find water

You can find the first well in Longkeep. Image via Keen Games

The first well you can find in Cover is a few steps northeast of the Longkeep map marker, right before the Shroud. It’s near the fire where you first learn how to cook food. Luckily, the Water you get from the well is unlimited, so you can get it back whenever you run low or run out.

Tip: Well water will revive.

Be sure to revisit the wells after a while, as their water supply will revive. While the exact amount of time needed for the water to respawn is unknown, somewhere between one and two in-game days seems to be the ideal time.

You can also good homemade once you have pressed Pillars of creativity and unlocked Carpenter And Construction tools. Crafting a well means easy access to Water, and you won’t have to worry about finding land or going back to your Water marker just to get it.

Benefits of drinking water in Cover

Water Buff only lasts 10 minutes. Image via Keen Games

You will achieve increased stamina (plus one) And Refill stamina (plus two) when consuming Water. So not only do you get more Stamina, but you also recharge faster, which is essential because Stamina is key to running, fighting, and dodging. However, this buff is not permanent; It only lasts 10 minutesmeaning you must continue to consume Water if you want to increase your Endurance and Stamina Regeneration.

So whether you want to increase your Endurance or Regenerate Stamina, here’s everything you need to know about how to get Water and where to find it Cover.