Blog - February 4, 2024

How to get unlimited money mod in Lethal Company

Whether you want to visit Titan on your first day or try jetpacking in Deadly company, having more money in your pocket will get you much further than starting from scratch. So this is the way to get infinite money mod for Deadly company.

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While there are many great things Deadly company to choose from, the infinite money mod offers stability and loads of options when making your next scrap run. Try combining it with some late-game upgrades and head to Titan as soon as you start your shift for an intense, new experience.

How to download mod for unlimited money Deadly company

Company mod page on Thunderstore for Lethal CompanyYou need BepInEx and the API before you can add mods. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You need to download the infinite money mod, CompanyExecutive, on Thunderstore before launch Deadly company. Make sure to download the BepInEx and NotAtomicBomb APIs if you haven’t used the mod before. These are essential for the CompanyExecutive mod. You can find them below Install using Mod Manager on the CompanyExecutive product page.

Use Download manually to download BepInEx, NotAtomicBomb and CompanyExecutive. Create a compressed folder in a convenient location on your device, for example Download folder. Place the BepInEx, API, and CompanyExecutive folders inside the new compressed folder.

How to use infinite money mod in Deadly company

Once all your files are in one place, go to Steam library. Find and right click Deadly company and opened Property. Go Installed file and choose Browse. Open your downloaded compressed folder on File Manager, then open the BepInEx and API folder and drag all content in Deadly companydirectory of. Now, open BepInEx Pack, go to additionaland drag the CompanyExecutive mod content directly into the BepInEx folder.

You will know when the mod is active Deadly company when the terminal popup appears just before the game launches. Your server is modded when the word “MOD” appears in the lower left corner of the menu screen. Only homeowners need unlimited money mods for it to work. You can set whether you have unlimited coins each round or decide on a specific amount to create daily challenges for yourself and your team.