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How to get Underworld Band in WoW Classic

The Underground band is one of the strongest options Classic World of Warcraft Players can add to their build if they want to increase the amount of Shadow damage they deal with their spells.

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Priests are included in DPS builds, as well as Warlocks, who are the most popular users of Shadow damage in Classic WoW, so they will be the ones most interested in getting this ring. The band Underworld gives statistics about +10 Stamina, +6 Sanity, and +14 bonus damage to all Dark damage spells you castthat makes it among the best items in the game for its level bracket. The only catch is that it is extremely rare to find.

Getting my hands on Underworld Band was pure luck. The only way you can avoid and deal with its less than one percent chance of decreasing is to buy a ton of gold from the Auction House.

The Underworld Band is unique in that it is an item of epic quality, but it is not found in the final game. Classic WoW. Instead, this ring can be equipped right from the middle of the leveling process, so you will most likely be using it until the end of the game. Epic items are difficult to obtain when leveling up OHso getting one in your late 30s will definitely be beneficial as you try to level 60.

Underworld Band level requirements, stats, and drop chance Classic WoW

WoW Classic screenshot of Stranglethorn Vale, to the north, where a bridge can be seen near Hemet Nesingwary base camp.Stranglethorn is one of the areas that the Underworld Band is known to frequent. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Underworld Band’s required level is 38perfect for the middle part of Classic WoW search experience, as well as the second phase of Classic WoW Season of discovery. Shadow Priests and Mages looking to boost their damage in phase two of SoD will find that the Underworld Band will be a Best option in the slot. With a level cap of 40 in phase two of SoD, the level 38 requirement for the Underworld Band means there won’t be many other options at such a high damage increase threshold.

The Underworld Band is a very rare overworld drop, meaning it has a very random and very low chance of dropping any level-appropriate mobs you encounter while playing. World of Warcraft. But the Underworld Band is most commonly found in dungeons like Mauradon And Zul’farrakas well as open world areas such as Stranglethorn Valley, FeralasAnd Ruined. These zones typically intersect with leveling players in their mid-30s to 40s, so you won’t need to go too far if you want to farm the Underworld Band, especially in SoD’s second phase.