Blog - February 1, 2024

How to get The Walking Dead Michonne operator skin in MW3 and Warzone

Modern warfare 3 And Battlefield season two will have a crossover with Zombie TV show, introduction Rick Grimes And Michonne as an operator.

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Fortune’s Keep takes on a zombie theme in part two. The Resurgence map is making its long-awaited return CoD: War zone, but the island is set 40 years after we last saw it. The Konni Corporation moves underground to conduct laboratory experiments, but it goes horribly wrong and results in an explosion that changes the entire map.

As a result, seismic events have caused zombies to appear all over the map, and a limited contract tasks teams with destroying zombie nests so that the epidemic does not spread any further. Who better to call on for help with that mission than Rick Grimes and Michonne from Zombie?

Michonne and Rick Grimes in MW3Michonne and Rick fit right in MWZ universe. Image via Activision

How to bring Michonne in Battlefield And Modern warfare 3

Michonne operator package costs 2,400 CoD pointsequivalent to $19.99.

When will Michonne come? Battlefield And MW3?

Activision has announced that players will be able to purchase the “in-season” operator Michonne in season two but No specific release date was provided.

Coincidentally, a new one Zombie side program, Living peoplestarring Michonne and Rick Grimes, airs on February 25. So it’s entirely possible that we’ll see this operator release closer to the show’s air date.

What’s in the Michonne package in Battlefield And Modern warfare 3?

Here’s everything included in the Michonne operator package.

  • Operator skin “Michonne”
  • MCW Tracer “Lone Survivor” design
  • Longbow Tracer “Walker Waster” design
  • Kodachis Dual Weapon Design “Killer Kodachis”
  • “Trust a little longer” weapon sticker
  • Large decal “Living people”
  • Weapon talisman “Mike”
  • “Dead Cuts” finishing move