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How to get the Umiushi Beef Bowl for Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload

Elizabeth presents a series of requests for you to solve Reload Persona 3. One of these requests requires you to purchase the Umiushi Beef Bowl from the store at Iwatodai Strip Mall.

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However, you must have a certain way to unlock this store. Every time you try to enter this place, the owner will remind you that you need to be a fan of the store to go in and buy something. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Umiushi Beef Bowl for Elizabeth in Reload Persona 3.

How to become an Umiushi Beef Bowl Fan in Reload Persona 3

How to become a fan of Umiushi Beef Bowl in Persona 3 ReloadYou can go to Net Café to become an exclusive member. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The only way for you to become a fan of Umiushi Beef Bowl Reload Persona 3 in order to Go to Net Café and buy Umiushi Fan Book. You can find it at the bottom of the available books list and bring it to your dormitory’s shared computer.

Shared computers will not be available until near the end of April, near the start of the game. Once you have access to it, spend a night reading Umiushi Fan Books and becoming a member will give you access to the store. While this isn’t an exclusive club, the process by which you can start purchasing items from this location makes it feel like a grand plan. But hopefully Elizabeth will enjoy trying this beef dish when you share it with her. It wasn’t one of the strangest requests she’d ever received, such as searching for effective medicine.

How to complete Elizabeth Request 10: Clear Umiushi Beef Bowl Reload Persona 3

Once you become an Exclusive Umiushi Fan, you can order the Umiushi Beef Bowl from the store at Iwatodai Strip Mall whenever you want. You need to purchase at least one and present it to Elizabeth to complete this request. These are good early-game healing items that you can purchase at a reasonable price and use for your party as you explore Tartarus.

You’ll have to deal with some other requests for Elizabeth as you work your way through. Reload Persona 3, such as having to complete a Persona fusion or taking her out to enjoy areas of your town. Fortunately, Elizabeth’s demands did not become too overwhelming. Some of them have time restrictions, but others can be done throughout your playthrough, and many more will appear after the last full moon.