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How to get the true ending in Persona 3 Reload

Reload Persona 3 The campaign has two possible endings, one of which is the one that actually unlocks some valuable bonus content. If you are a fan of the series and its gripping story, you might want to experience the proper ending, so here is how you can get the real ending in Reload Persona 3.

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How to get the real ending in Reload Persona 3

Of the two ending in Reload Persona 3the true ending lets you play through January, while the other ending ends in December.

Ryogi talks to the main character about the inevitable in Persona 3 ReloadForgive him. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Unlock Reload Persona 3 right ending, also known as a good ending, you have to choose the option to Please forgive Ryogi and keep it as it is when he asked you about your decision on December 31st in your dorm room. After you choose this option for the first time, Ryogi will show you his Persona, then you will have another chance to choose whether to let him live or not. Select Please forgive Ryogi and keep it as it is one more time if you want a good ending.

When Ryogi tries to convince you to kill him, don’t give in, as that will lead to the shorter “bad” ending, where you don’t get to fight the final boss, Nyx.

Remember that once you have decided Ryogi’s fate in Reload Persona 3 campaign, you won’t be able to go back because it’s the point of no return—unless you have a save file from before the conversation. You can always save the game before choosing to spare Ryogi if you also want to experience the bad ending. If you’re wondering, the bad ending skips the final boss fight and returns you to your peaceful school life, where your group won’t remember anything about what you went through.

Choosing to let Ryogi live will preserve your team’s memories after the final boss battle against Nyx, opening up a beautiful scene in which the characters realize the importance of friendship and love, helping them escape. from inevitable doom.