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How to get the Triangular Sword for Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload

While playing through Reload Persona 3, Elizabeth, the waitress who works in the Velvet Room, has a number of requests for you to complete throughout your playthrough. One of these requests involves a Triangular Sword that you need to find for her.

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It won’t be an item or enemy drop that you can find while playing through Reload Persona 3. Instead, it’s something someone close to you can help track down, and that means asking the right people on your team. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Triangle Sword for Elizabeth in Reload Persona 3.

How to complete Request 27: ‘Bring me a triangular sword’ Reload Persona 3

How to get the triangular sword in Persona 3 ReloadYou can go to the dormitory to get the triangular sword. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You can find the Triangle Sword by talking to Mitsuru Kirijo, one of your party members. After you receive the request from Elizabeth in Reload Persona 3 that you need to find the Triangle Sword, Kirijo has a notice above her head at the dormitory. She gives you the sword after talking to her.

The sword Kirijo gives you is called the fencing epee. If you’ve ever seen a complete sword fight, those sword fights where two padded fighters face off against each other, this is the sword she gave you. These swords are not sharp and powerful weapons. Instead, they are created for two opponents to safely confront each other and try to land a blow before their opponent can land one. It makes sense for Kirijo to have it since she uses a rapier as her weapon during the Dark Hour. It wouldn’t make sense if Akihiko’s Junpei had it.

When you return to Elizabeth, she will reward you for taking the time to complete the request. I was able to ask Kirijo about the weapon June 12. I’m sure you can complete this quest for Elizabeth at later points throughout the game, but you should complete it as quickly as possible. Talking to Kirijo about this doesn’t take time out of your day, so try to find her before doing anything else and missing out on this opportunity. You have until July 5 to complete this request.

There are several quests similar to this one that Elizabeth gives you Reload Persona 3. Another case is that she asks you to find something fashionable for her and it’s glasses that you can get. Escape Club, you can find it at Paulownia Mall. You can only access Club Escapade if you have at least two ranks in Courage and it is only open in the evening.