Blog - February 4, 2024

How to get the shy guy in Lethal Company: Scopophobia mod guide

If you are faced with a shy guy in Deadly company, don’t let curiosity get the best of you. While SCP 096 isn’t part of the base game, here’s how you can encounter this terrifying enemy in Deadly company.

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There are so many great mods for Deadly company that adds to the horror or makes hitting your quota much easier. With clearly inspired Coil-Head SCP: Containment breach, the Scopophobia mod adds the iconic SCP 096, aka the shy guy. SCP 086 is the perfect introduction to the SCP universe if you’ve never played it Prevent violations before.

How to download Scopophobia mod Deadly company

Scopophobia mod on Thunderstore for Lethal CompanyDownload BepInEx and the API before you add mods Deadly company. Screenshot of Dot Esports

First, download BepInEx and Deadly company API for Deadly company to work, if you haven’t done so already. The specific API you need is Evaisa-LethalLib, which can be downloaded from “Requires the following mods to work” on the Scopophobia Thunderstore site. Each API has its own requirements to function.

Fight Download manually on BepInEx, LethalLib and Scopophobia mods. Then, create a compressed folder with everything you need (including mods) and put it in a convenient place for easy access. Now you’re ready to add the shy guy Deadly company.

How to get shy guy involved Deadly company

You need to transfer BepInEx, Deadly company Scopophobia API and mod in Deadly company game files. Go to your place Steam librarythen right click Deadly company and choose Property. Click Installed file and choose Browse. Next, open the downloaded folder containing BepInEx, the API, and the Scopophobia mod. Open this together Deadly company folder.

Open the BepInEx and API folder and Extract all content. Then transfer the content Deadly company Game folder. BepInEx will now read “BepInEx Pack” inside Deadly company. Open it and drag the Scopophobia mod content directly into the BepInEx Package additional folder. You will know the mod is active when Deadly company shows terminal commands when you launch the game. You will also see “MOD” in the lower left corner on the main menu screen. The shy guy will appear in Deadly company as long as the server has mods installed.

Mod version by Lethal Companyv40 will change to whatever version you are playing. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Scopophobia is the fear of being watched, so if you’re looking for the next best thing Deadly company The monster is also extremely cute, the shy guy is the one for you. Able to chase anyone who dares look at him, the shy guy is a more dangerous version of the Lethal Company ghost girl.

Creator jaspercreations plans to expand on shy guy’s mechanics, including the ability to open doors, shoot exits, and attack multiple enemies at once, and will also add a way for players to deal with monsters .