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How to get the rare ax Pendulum of Doom in WoW Classic

The Pendulum of doom is one of the rarest and most valuable weapons you can find during your leveling experience Classic World of Warcraft. The monstrous two-handed ax is among these The strongest weapon in the game available to any class that can use them.

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Pendulum of Doom is most famous for its extremely slow weapon speed of 4.00. That number makes the two-handed weapon the slowest weapon in the game, and its incredibly low speed means you’ll only auto-attack with it every four seconds.

But to compensate for this extremely slow speed, each attack from the Pendulum of Doom hits like a truck. The weapon’s base DPS is 38.88, and its signature attack effect is a chance to attack enemies for 250 to 350 raw damage. Pendulum of Doom is especially powerful for players who level up level in their 40s, as well as players who want to dominate in PvP battlefields divided by level.

Pendulum of Doom is especially strong when combined with classes such as combatant And magicianwho can use class abilities to attack multiple times and perform attacks in rapid succession with a two-handed axe.

This is how can you farm the extremely rare two-handed ax Pendulum of Doom IN Classic World of Warcraft.

Classic WoW Source and drop chance of Pendulum of Doom

Uldaman dungeon entrance as seen in World of WarcraftUldaman is found in the northern part of the Badlands. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Pendulum of Doom is a rare item that is difficult to obtain and can only be found on enemies in your mid-game leveled dungeons. I’m on the way. The odds of dropping the Pendulum of Doom are less than 1/10 of 1%, according to OH Wowhead database.

Player in World of WarcraftThe community has claimed that they had to do hundreds of Uldaman runs to get lucky and win their own Pendulum of Doom. If you’re the one looking for this deadly two-handed ax, you’ll likely spend a lot of time in Uldaman farming the weapon. Chances are, you’re better off farming gold and buying it from the Auction House instead of spending countless hours in dungeons hoping a rare drop will benefit you. However, keep in mind that since this weapon is so rare, it can cost you thousands of gold, so be sure to stock up.